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  1. IceGaming

    190 FUT DRAFT!?

    New video out. Would be cool if you could all check it out and subscribe please
  2. IceGaming


    New Fifa 17 video out on my channel. Would be awesome if you could all check it out and subscribe!! :)
  3. IceGaming

    Anyone keen for a cheeky game?

    Just wondering if anyone is down for a game or two on BattleField 1, Fifa 17, Madden 17, UFC 2 or GTA 5 on the PS4. If anyones keen then send me a message and your PSN and we'll get cracking and maybe a check collab ;)
  4. IceGaming

    What is a good way to improve/grow your channel

    Needing help on how to improve/grow my channel. Anyone got any tips to help a fellow out?
  5. IceGaming

    Does Elgato Game Capture record audio?

    Audio as in not from the game but what you say through your mic
  6. IceGaming


    New video on my channel. Some feedback would help massively!! Thanks :)
  7. IceGaming

    PS4 Keen for a partner

    Im keen for a colab with anyone whose looking to grow their channel the same as I am. I am from New Zealand and mainly play games on ps4 like Fifa 17, Madden 17 and Battlefield 1. Just let me know if anyone wants to get some work done :)
  8. IceGaming

    New to the YouTube Community

    Hey guys I am pretty new to the YouTube Community. I like to play different variety of games but mainly play Fifa 17, Madden 17 and GTA, but I am open to play any other games. I also play a bit of PC games. It would be awesome if I could meet heaps of new friends on here!!! :)
  9. IceGaming

    PS4 Collaborating on PS4 and PC!

    Hey Bro. Im keen if you still are. Message me on twitter if you're still keen @IceGaming22
  10. IceGaming

    PS4 Battlefront, Battlefield 1 Collab

    Hey bro. Sounds like a good idea, message me on twitter if you're still looking for someone to colab with @IceGaming22