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    Hi everyone! New to Damnlag and Youtube

    Hi! What do you do?
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    I can help with Fraps & Bandicam :D

    I've had nothing but trouble out of FRAPS. I am using it to record NES gameplay on a machine capable of running modern games, yet I get regular drops to 3 or fewer frames. There is no appreciable help online for it either. "Record to a different drive" doesn't work, and it's the only answer out...
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    What is the Last Game That You Beat?

    I find that even when people say a game is "bad" I still often enjoy it more often than not. I've played very few straight up bad games ("Hexplore" was god awful) in my lifetime. I even finished Two Worlds, and that was a turd in a plastic case. I keep meaning to complete the...
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    The Apocalypse Is Here...

    /watch?v=3dChzk7xAxI Ok, one more. :D It's not solely about weapons. Apparently soda cans are useful after all.
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    What's YOUR favorite Nintendo game?

    One of my first on the SNES, and one of the first that cinched my love for gaming.
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    The Apocalypse Is Here... this one, I can't weaponize. XD
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    The Apocalypse Is Here...

    /watch?v=haEyId7jHss This guy folds the can back and forth to weaken the aluminum, then says that the jagged edge could cut someone pretty bad. I wonder if it were cut long ways and rolled out into a sheet, could it be folded some kind of way to make a knife or spear head of some sort?
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    The Apocalypse Is Here...

    ...damn... a Nerf Tri Strike. XD
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    What is the Last Game That You Beat?

    I didn't get around to the second one or Infinity. I heard they were basically attempts to prolong something that was already a fantastic game. It almost felt like they weren't needed.
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    Looking for a Females to Play With

    Hey, all. I'm trying to get my girlfriend to come out of her shell and game more. She's too hardheaded to come out on her own. Little help?
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    FPS/MMORPG... old school gamer (I like hard games)

    I read "Harder... Old School... MMO..." and got homesick for Asheron's Call.
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    HELL'S PLAYGROUND! | Among the Sleep #3

    That is one creepy game.
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    ‬‪I'm The Worst Driver... | H1Z1 KOTK #10

    I hate driving in games. There needs to be a single uniform standard for this. I feel like every game has different controls when it comes to driving. Some are more stiff, others too sensitive. Sometimes the handbrake is a joke, sometimes the regular brakes are too sticky. I feel like you have...
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    What is the Last Game That You Beat?

    Due to the nature of my channel, I've beaten a lot of classic NES games. Back in the day, Nintendo games were hard as hell, so you didn't always beat the games you owned. You had favorites, and the idea of putting in Predator instead of Zelda 2 made your stomach churn. While Nintendo games...
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    I looked up SOMA on Steam. Holy crap I need to grab that one! It was listed 10/10 on Google, and over 95% on Steam. That's rare for a horror game. Paranormal Activity was interesting. I've lived in a house that was just... weird (Not a conversation for a public forum). After that, I began to...
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    A good horror game is tough to make. It's like making a comedy movie, what's scary for one isn't necessarily scary for everyone. Condemned did a good job at scaring me. I think it was the "hide and seek" gameplay and the fact that you had to duke it out with the nasties in the game. As far as...
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    Hey guys, I'm Roger. I play xbox, ps4 and wii u. Come say hello!

    Hey, Roger! At N00bN0M0re, I'm trying to get my girlfriend caught up. She's not a gamer AT ALL. We thought it would be fun to document her journey as she progresses through the games that made us all the gamers we are today. She missed out on all of that, from the NES era on up. Oh, plus...
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    hi all am new

    Paranormal stuff? Like what?
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    They call me Ham for short

    Star Wars Galaxies was amazing. It was one of three MMOs I played before WoW came along and introduced what I refer to as "the formula" to MMOs. Like it or hate it, prior to WoW Devs had no idea what made a good MMO game, so they were willing to add more substance to a game in order to win over...
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    So you've been making videos and editing for a while? If you'd be so kind, I'd like for you to take a look at the editing we're doing and give us some structural feedback. We've only been doing this for a few weeks, and everything has been research and book knowledge, then we just started doing...