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  1. Bernardo Brezni

    bnex HD gaming

    I know sorry, take a look on the new link above, thanks :)
  2. Bernardo Brezni

    bnex HD gaming

    Ye sorry, i had some problems with channel, take a look on this link above :)
  3. Bernardo Brezni


    Hello guys, take a look on my video compilation in GTA V. Wins, fails & explosionsm hope you will enjoy it, hit like & subscribe for support, more videos coming soon, thank you :)
  4. Bernardo Brezni

    bnex HD gaming

    Take a look on this link, this is Styx Shards of Darkness walktrough :)
  5. Bernardo Brezni

    Tell me more about Elgato HD 60 Pro!

    I know but i want to hear something from you guys here , if you use this card, can you recommend it ? Can i upload full HD videos 60 FPS with this card because i have some problme with quality on YT ( i have good PC 1550€ AMD conf.) so that's not the problem, need only to stream in 60 FPS and...
  6. Bernardo Brezni


    sorry i didn't know thanks for that :)
  7. Bernardo Brezni


    Do you want to see on my channel? :)
  8. Bernardo Brezni

    bnex HD gaming

    Title of Thread: BGaming Channel Name: BGaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 23.02. Partnered with Network?: Amount of Videos on Channel: 3 Total Subscribers: 5 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 50 Channel Description: I...
  9. Bernardo Brezni

    Zane the gaming cat

    nice :D
  10. Bernardo Brezni


    good job :D
  11. Bernardo Brezni

    AMX Gaming

    nice channel :D
  12. Bernardo Brezni

    Imperial Arm Gaming

    like it ;)
  13. Bernardo Brezni

    Miss Medi!

    good job man :)
  14. Bernardo Brezni

    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    I had find you on web :)
  15. Bernardo Brezni


    Nice channel :D
  16. Bernardo Brezni


    Nice man i subscribe to your channel keep going, take a look on my too bnex HD :)
  17. Bernardo Brezni


    Awesome, i subscribed :)
  18. Bernardo Brezni

    Pause The Day

    Keep goin on man :))
  19. Bernardo Brezni


    Good job :D i subscribe, sub to my channel too bnex HD