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  1. DamageControl

    Looking for new member for Youtube Team

    Hey guys D20 with Damage Control here with a weird post today. It has come to our attention that we are in need of a new member over here at the DC Legion, and that's what this particular post is about today. We are looking for one new teammate to help fill up our YouTube team roster. So far...
  2. DamageControl

    Dark Cloud 2 #3: ELEPHANT VS ROBOT!!!

    Hey guys D20 with Damage Control here with Part 3 of Dark Cloud 2. In this episode we get our camera and fight a elephant with our new robot companion!
  3. DamageControl

    Dark Cloud 2 #1: THOSE FREAKY CLOWNS

    Join me as I embark on an epic journey through Dark Cloud 2. With camera in hand nothing will stop me...except maybe those creepy clowns
  4. DamageControl

    PC We are looking to collab on PC and PS4

    Games PC: Gmod and World Of Tanks (open to other titles) PS4: Rocket League and Minecraft (open to other titles especially free to play) Timezone: Four of us lives in Texas and one is in Indiana Age: We range from 18-26, so anyone 17+ is welcome Mission: Our mission right now is to grow and...
  5. DamageControl

    Damage Control has entered the battle!

    Greeting all gamers and youtubers from around the world! We are Damage Control, a new channel with five members dedicated to spreading laughter and happiness through our shared passion of gaming. Of course, we are a gaming channel that does a bit of everything including let's plays, multiplayer...