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    Random Arma 2 DayZ Shenanigans

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    Chroma 3 case unboxing! and a ban!

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    --Glassys Top Plays of the Week | Submit your own!-- (CS:GO) Ep3

    Hey guys this is episode 3 of my top plays of the week series! hope you enjoy! If you would like to submit your own top plays for episode 4! then Direct message me and i will choose my top favorite for the video!
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    Random GmodRP Moment Ep1 (NERDS!)

    Check out my channel for more vids!
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    1000 total video views! so happy :D Links! Twitter- Tumblr- Twitch -
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    GlassHeartStudios is Back Baby! Check Me Out! (I dont bite) ^-^

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name:GlassHeartStudios Channel Link: Channel Start Date:Joined 4 Aug 2014 Partnered with Network?:Freedom! Amount of Videos on Channel:16 for now! Total Subscribers:35 and counting! Amount...
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    Hey Guys! Would love to play with some other youtubers! Hit me up <3

    Dm me - or on -
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    How to Install Minecraft Mods - 1.8 - (HD)

    Hey guys just a short video on how to install minecraft mods!
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    Hey guys im back after all this time xD
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    Twitch Hey Guys Come Join me! Streaming for a little bit!