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  1. penguinholicgames

    Looking People to Play Minecraft with

    I'm looking for people to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition with. Just reply to me to get discord and gamertag.
  2. penguinholicgames

    Golf With Your Friends

    I just got Golf With Your Friends recently and looking for people to play with. Just reply to get my steam.
  3. penguinholicgames

    Looking for a Females to Play With

    Console : PC Age: 17, female Timezone: Eastern I'm just looking to play some pc games with. Respond back to post if you want to game.
  4. penguinholicgames

    PC Looking for People to Play Gmod With

    Game: Gmod and Roblox Platform: PC Games Number of People: at least 2 or more people Timezone: Eastern Age: 17, female Mission: To get a group of friends Subscribers: 3 Link to Channel:
  5. penguinholicgames

    New Channel

    Hey guys, I made a new channel recently. I love to play video games like Roblox and Gmod. So feel free to check out PenguinholicGames on YouTube.