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    Accidental Time Travel (Code Vein)

    Finally got to a space where I could go back to uploading code vein content.
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    Me and Yuumi arent friends anymore.

    Really liked my vibe in this video, so I thought I'd share it. If you play in NA hit me up.
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    Other Content creator friend group.

    I don't really have the energy to be long winded today unfortunately, so I will try to keep this short. I want to bring together a group of people to make content and play video games with. Only thing is you gotta have a PS4, or a PC (I dont have an xbox unfortunately). Being a content creator...
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    Xbox One A new network for talented creators (Xbox One, PS4 & PC)

    Just like everyone else here, Im also interested.
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    Jump Force Sessions

    Hey, made a video on Jump Force. So far its just my open beta experience, but I hope to fill my thread up with a bunch of different Jump Force videos soon. Enjoy -GrayAreaGaming
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    KurtzPel: The Alpha Test Series

    Day 4 ( Last Day )
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    KurtzPel: The Alpha Test Series

    I managed to get into the KurtzPel Alpha Test. Its the first time I've really gotten in to anything like that, so I figured it would be cool to record my experience on all four days. Here is Day 1. Day 2 is already up, but I don't want to spam. I will post it later, along with Days 3 and 4 when...
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    "Experimental" League video

    I'm messing around with some settings to see what kind of style I can come up with. I kind of want to make my videos have a defined trait or maybe a few. Anyway. Hope you enjoy the video. Consider subscribing if you'd like
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    Rainbow Six Siege Sessions /w Gray Area Gaming

    I played Rainbow Six: Siege with some friends. It was a good time, We joked around and had our usual conversations. Hope you guys enjoy. Subscribe for more content.
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    Battlefield V (PS4) - Beta Gamplay Moments - Band Aid Brand

    Thanks for clicking on the thread, I decided to record some beta moments with my friends. At first I was just going to make censored content, but shortly discovered later on that I wasn't doing it for me. Though I do want to be a successful content creator, I also want to have freedom to choose...
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    PC PC Collabs With Shadow?

    Game(s): Path of Exile, Warframe, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4,Pokemon Showdown?(xD) Platform: PC Number of People:As many as I can get Timezone:EST Age:19 Mission:Build a fan base with some collabs and also make friends! I generally don't have friends on YouTube Subscribers: Shadow|Pvp ...
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    Training Mode: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

    So Storm 4 has come out. I've got it for the PC and honestly. I feel like this is one of the best training modes I've made since I started doing the series. Anyways Here it is. As always if you liked the video. Like. Comment. Subscribe Also If you play storm 4 on PC. Let me know. I want to...
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    Training Mode: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

    Recently started a channel that focuses on the Naruto series. Storm 4 comes out in a few weeks so I'm not doing much when it comes to revolution but I decided to promote it anyway and let people know that I play Naruto in case they are looking for more Naruto youtubers to watch. Anyway this...
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    Pokemon Fire Red Randomized Nuzlocke it has been a long time since I've promoted any video here so I'm honestly a little nervous but I've started doing a pokemon fire red randomized nuzlocke(that is a lot to say) and it is I think...The first nuzlocke that has gone past episode one (I can explain but I'm rambling right...
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    Pick My Series

    I'll get to the point. I ended up having to get rid of my old Naruto Series so I want to get all of my viewers opinions on what character or team I should use for my new series. Everyone has Until next friday to submit ideas hope to hear from you guys.
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    Twitch Shadow Streams?

    Yo guys. For those who don't know my name is ShadowForce_1 ANYWAYS. Im about to stream, I generally count this as my first time since I didnt really promote the last time i streamed which was yesterday. Anyways come hang out <- Click It.
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    Thanks man. You read my mind because it truly is like that at certain times xD
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    PTS Tenten Challenge

    Whats going on Damnlag my name is ShadowForce_1 and I'm a small gaming channel. Today i took the weakest character in Naruto storm revolution( According to the YouTubers that did a video on this character) and basically went around trying to get a win. I had a fun making this and hope i can get...