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  1. JinTheLyn

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Jin Introduction: My name is Jin and I live in the United States. I've wanted to be a YouTuber ever sense I watched big YouTubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. I was about 8 or 9 when I started watching them and I started my channel at 14. As of right now I am 15 and still...
  2. JinTheLyn

    What do you need to start streaming?

    What applications do I need to start streaming, and are there any big dos and do nots for streaming? I want to start streaming eventually and I want to know what I need to have when I start. Any help Is appreciated!
  3. JinTheLyn

    Opinions on The Last of Us part 2? (Spoilers!!!)

    I didn't like the game honestly. Of course the graphics were stunning and it had good writing. But I hated the way it turned out because of how attached to Joel I was. and how they tried to justify what happened. Thoughts?
  4. JinTheLyn

    What's the best in your experience?

    I've been making YouTube videos for over a year now but I am starting to commit to it now (JinTheLyn) And any help on recommendations to help my game recording would be appreciated because I have a bad computer. You can ask for specs if you're interested. But what is generally the best for price...
  5. JinTheLyn

    How do I improve my workflow?

    I've been editing for over a year now but I still have issues finding time to do it and streamlining the process. What are some tips to help me save time and edit faster/more efficiently. Any help is very much appreciated!
  6. JinTheLyn

    Need help growing my channel!

    My Youtube Channel (JinTheLyn) is over a year old now and I've only been consistently uploading for short bursts of time spread out over the year. This is because I have been discouraged but I have gotten 150 subs with almost 4,000 views at the time of this post. I'm now dedicated to growing my...