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    Accidental Time Travel (Code Vein)

    Finally got to a space where I could go back to uploading code vein content.
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    Me and Yuumi arent friends anymore.

    Really liked my vibe in this video, so I thought I'd share it. If you play in NA hit me up.
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    Other Content creator friend group.

    I don't really have the energy to be long winded today unfortunately, so I will try to keep this short. I want to bring together a group of people to make content and play video games with. Only thing is you gotta have a PS4, or a PC (I dont have an xbox unfortunately). Being a content creator...
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    Jump Force Sessions

    Hey, made a video on Jump Force. So far its just my open beta experience, but I hope to fill my thread up with a bunch of different Jump Force videos soon. Enjoy -GrayAreaGaming
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    KurtzPel: The Alpha Test Series

    I managed to get into the KurtzPel Alpha Test. Its the first time I've really gotten in to anything like that, so I figured it would be cool to record my experience on all four days. Here is Day 1. Day 2 is already up, but I don't want to spam. I will post it later, along with Days 3 and 4 when...
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    "Experimental" League video

    I'm messing around with some settings to see what kind of style I can come up with. I kind of want to make my videos have a defined trait or maybe a few. Anyway. Hope you enjoy the video. Consider subscribing if you'd like
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    Rainbow Six Siege Sessions /w Gray Area Gaming

    I played Rainbow Six: Siege with some friends. It was a good time, We joked around and had our usual conversations. Hope you guys enjoy. Subscribe for more content.
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    Battlefield V (PS4) - Beta Gamplay Moments - Band Aid Brand

    Thanks for clicking on the thread, I decided to record some beta moments with my friends. At first I was just going to make censored content, but shortly discovered later on that I wasn't doing it for me. Though I do want to be a successful content creator, I also want to have freedom to choose...
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    PC PC Collabs With Shadow?

    Game(s): Path of Exile, Warframe, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4,Pokemon Showdown?(xD) Platform: PC Number of People:As many as I can get Timezone:EST Age:19 Mission:Build a fan base with some collabs and also make friends! I generally don't have friends on YouTube Subscribers: Shadow|Pvp ...
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    Training Mode: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

    Recently started a channel that focuses on the Naruto series. Storm 4 comes out in a few weeks so I'm not doing much when it comes to revolution but I decided to promote it anyway and let people know that I play Naruto in case they are looking for more Naruto youtubers to watch. Anyway this...
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    Pokemon Fire Red Randomized Nuzlocke it has been a long time since I've promoted any video here so I'm honestly a little nervous but I've started doing a pokemon fire red randomized nuzlocke(that is a lot to say) and it is I think...The first nuzlocke that has gone past episode one (I can explain but I'm rambling right...
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    Pick My Series

    I'll get to the point. I ended up having to get rid of my old Naruto Series so I want to get all of my viewers opinions on what character or team I should use for my new series. Everyone has Until next friday to submit ideas hope to hear from you guys.
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    Twitch Shadow Streams?

    Yo guys. For those who don't know my name is ShadowForce_1 ANYWAYS. Im about to stream, I generally count this as my first time since I didnt really promote the last time i streamed which was yesterday. Anyways come hang out <- Click It.
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    PTS Tenten Challenge

    Whats going on Damnlag my name is ShadowForce_1 and I'm a small gaming channel. Today i took the weakest character in Naruto storm revolution( According to the YouTubers that did a video on this character) and basically went around trying to get a win. I had a fun making this and hope i can get...
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    Tales of The Z Squad

    Whats up guys. Welcome to my second series in the making! this is probably the last one being created for now i promise. But i been wanting to get a series going with my gamer squad and well its finally happening so im kinda hype about that. This series is pretty much just a parallel quest...
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    Channel Name: ShadowForce_1 Channel Link: Channel Start Date: December 15th, 2015 Partnered with Network?: Unfortunately No Amount of Videos on Channel: 25 Total Subscribers: 17 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 291 Channel Description: My...
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    Sasuke's Memories

    Finally the first video of my new series. I'll probably upload them all in this one thread instead of making several. It seemed pointless to do different threads for all of them so we'll just use one. This is the official video to announce the unofficial video I'll be uploading eventually...
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    You Will Lose Everything: The First Death

    I don't think i have shared my Dark Souls II series here yet. Well this is the second episode I should probably label them. Any way it was my very first death T_T hope you guys enjoy it. I really enjoyed making it
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    Stand Alone Squad: Squad Deathmatch

    This is actually my first time posting a thread here. Anyway this is a video of me going into a game of squad deathmatch. I usually always run assault class with combat medic in games like these. Anyway hope you guys like it.
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    Hi. Name's ShadowForce nice to meet you

    Hi there, as you can see my name is ShadowForce_1. I love video games. Its the main reason i started my YouTube channel. I hope i'm doing this right i looked at a few other peoples threads in this section before doing my own just along with reading rules and such. Anyways The content i produce...