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  1. Fortacular

    MY best kills | Infinity Gauntlet Mode | Fortnite

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  2. Fortacular

    My new intro!!!

    Cool little intro you got there!
  3. Fortacular

    Fortnite: Battle Royale (Part 5) | READY TO WRECK!

    Sniper shootout has to be my worst LTM. I suck at sniping lol
  4. Fortacular

    Fortnite Best Kills/Moments [#2] | 50v50/Duos | Twitch Highlights

    Wow nice kills! Keep it up :)
  5. Fortacular

    About Curse Network Partnership

    Yeah its hard to find a good youtube partnership nowadays. Its crazy
  6. Fortacular

    Should I join Curse?

    I heard Curse is good. You have to have over 1k subs though which sucks lol
  7. Fortacular


    I prefers subs who will actually watch my content and support me than those who don't.
  8. Fortacular

    How many subs do you want to reach at the end of the year

    Since I just started my channel I wanna reach at least 100 subs before the year ends!
  9. Fortacular

    My new Fortnite channel :)

    Hello! I am Fortacular and I've created a youtube channel called Fortacular. I am already a user on damnlag with an another account. I wanted to create another channel just to see how far it would go. This channel will be used only for clips of Fortnite. I have confidence that this channel is...