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  1. imredd

    Technical Issues! Help appreciated!

    So for the sound from my xbox one, I use a dss2 sound processor from Turtle Beach! I have had this thing for atleast a few years, and its been great. But recently I moved my setup to a new table, now the processor worked amazing, before i unplugged it to move it, but when i plugged it back in...
  2. imredd

    Is Paying For Youtube Ads Worth It?

    Whatsup guys, so I recently got into Google Adwords, which allows you to place a certain video of yours, as an ad on some youtube videos, you can target certain audiences, that relate to the games you play. I have no experience using it, I just posted my first ad yesterday, but I was wondering...
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    IMRedd's Channel Trailer! 2015

  4. imredd

    Just hit 1500 video views!

    Whatsup guys! So I now have 82 subs and I just hit 1500 video views! My latest video kind of blew up compared to the rest of my videos! And It feels GREAT :D
  5. imredd

    5 Tips To Make YOU A Better FPS Player!

  6. imredd

    Do you use personal Social Media to Promote?

    Hey guys, So I really want to promote my videos, to people thats actually in my life! Friends/Family etc.. But it just makes me so nervous that local friends would know about my gaming channel, gaming is not something people do a lot of around where I live. And it worries me about what people...
  7. imredd

    Do you use Google+ to promote?

    Hey whatsup guys! So I have always shared my videos on my google+ account, but I have no friends on there, nor do I know how to use it! Do any of you guys use google+? And is it a good thing to use to promote videos? Whats some tips and tricks to it?
  8. imredd

    Microphone Help

    Whatsup guys, So I have the Audio Technica ATR2500 Microphone. And its supposed to be a professional mic. But for some reason, I can't get that "professional recording sound. I've tried a lot of different programs like Adobe Audition. But no matter the settings I can't get that smooth bass and...
  9. imredd

    Thoughts on Black Ops 3? Thoughts On Black Ops 3? Kill Time / Thrust Jumping! (Call Of duty Black op

    In todays video I talk to you guys about the kill time in Call of Duty Black ops 3, also about the thrust jumping and how its different than Call of duty Advanced Warfare!
  10. imredd

    Is battlefield Hardline still worth it?

    Whatsup guys, so i have an extra 60 bucks on my xbox account, and in the beginning I was saving it for Battlefield Hardline. But as months passed i never purchased it, and now I'm wanting some fresh content on my channel. So should I go through with the purchase, wait till the next battlefield...
  11. imredd

    [Tutorial] Simple YT Thumbnail

    This is a video I made a while back, about how to create a Simple, Professional YT thumbnail, this just gives youtubers an idea, of how to create one!
  12. imredd

    Call of duty Advanced warfare xbox 1?

    Anyone in a clan or need 1 for a competitive team? let me know! GT is LMRedd