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  1. imredd

    Technical Issues! Help appreciated!

    So for the sound from my xbox one, I use a dss2 sound processor from Turtle Beach! I have had this thing for atleast a few years, and its been great. But recently I moved my setup to a new table, now the processor worked amazing, before i unplugged it to move it, but when i plugged it back in...
  2. imredd

    Small El Gato problem

    That is so weird, I have never seen that before, lol. Is someone hitting the elgato? there might be a possible short in the hdmi cable? Does it do it in the recording software too, or just the finished video?
  3. imredd

    What's Going On Peeps!!

    Whats going on mike! Welcome to DamnLag! Here is some feedback I have for you! 1) You have a great voice for youtube, If you take what I say into consideration, I guarantee you will have a nice fanbase! 2) Turn your mic volume up some! As I said before you have a great voice, but I cant...
  4. imredd

    Is Paying For Youtube Ads Worth It?

    Whatsup guys, so I recently got into Google Adwords, which allows you to place a certain video of yours, as an ad on some youtube videos, you can target certain audiences, that relate to the games you play. I have no experience using it, I just posted my first ad yesterday, but I was wondering...
  5. imredd

    Looking For A YouTube / Streaming Partner

    I added you on skype!
  6. imredd

    Introducing PhoenixOfMight Gaming :)

    Welcome to DamnLag! I like your logo a lot! Enjoy your stay here at DamnLag! If you need any help don't hesitate to ask! Remember to stay active!
  7. imredd

    Need Some Advice.

    Heres the thing Colts. I too partnered with Freedom when I first started. Because they say they are going to make your channel grow and grow! And for new youtubers this is what they want to hear, so they automatically partner with them. But as I have found out and many other youtubers, its...
  8. imredd

    De_Dust2 Mirrored? | CSGO

    This is very interesting, it kind of messes with your eyes its so different haha
  9. imredd

    IMRedd's Channel Trailer! 2015

  10. imredd

    Other Voice Acting - 10 Facts About Valve

    If your looking for multiple people I have more of a southern accent if your interested haha :D
  11. imredd

    Hey Guys Enzor Here!!!*MASSIVE EXPLOSION

    Welcome to the forums! If you want to advertise your channel you will need 25 posts. This is an introduction section telling us about yourself. You have a great looking channel, but don't expect much feedback since this is in the wrong section! Hope you stay active here Enzor!
  12. imredd

    Hi all ! Glad I found this forum!

    I like your channel very interesting, and nice work on the editing. I gave it a sub! Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay here and stay active!
  13. imredd

    Premium New Channel Trailer

    One thing I notice is your intro is very long no need for a intro over 10 seconds, the rest of the video is great! Nice work man
  14. imredd

    What Game Capture Device/Program do you use?

    I Use the roxio game capture HD PRO and OBS, this game capture has awful software, but finally obs made it possible to record using it with there software, so its okay, 1080p is all that matters, even though its not as simple as other devices, but it is cheaper.
  15. imredd

    Black Ops 2 Montage - Custom Match

    This would be really nice if it wasn't against bots! Haha nice little video though, nice editing.
  16. imredd

    Do you use Google+ to promote?

    I seen that! Thank you! And I have enjoyed using google+ to promote! If you do it the right way you can gain a lot of exposure!
  17. imredd

    [Tutorial] Simple YT Thumbnail

    Very nice feedback. This was one of my first tutorials, so looking back on it, I realize I could have did so much better. Thank you!
  18. imredd

    Just hit 1500 video views!

    Whatsup guys! So I now have 82 subs and I just hit 1500 video views! My latest video kind of blew up compared to the rest of my videos! And It feels GREAT :D
  19. imredd

    5 Tips To Make YOU A Better FPS Player!

    For sure! Haha I also play battlefield, all these tips can carry over to any FPS game!