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  1. Salted Gaming

    Salted Gaming...Gmod Prop Hunt... You will laugh your a** off

    First Gmod Prop Hunt video and extremely funny! Just messing around and having fun has some views and likes so I know you will enjoy! Video is listed here:
  2. Salted Gaming

    Salted Gaming (New Gaming YouTuber) Improved

    My channel has very much improved since the last time I posted. I have 24 subs now and completely went through new branding. My logo/channel art is new, my intro/outro is new. My videos are all new so what is there stopping you from checking me out...NOTHING!!! My channel is listed down below...
  3. Salted Gaming

    Looking for some help-Salted Gaming

    Hey guys I was wondering if anybody wanted to help me create: Intro Outro Channel Art Logo Thumbnails Etc. If you are willing to help me do any of the things above I am tight on money but I would have no problem featuring your channel on my page and send you shoutouts on twitter. Thank You...
  4. Salted Gaming

    Can I get some help Please!!!

    I'm so sorry for taking the time to do this. I feel like such a noob but for the longest time now I've been trying to upload links when I do my outro to do the clickable button thing but I cant do it. Can someone help at the moment I am using picmonkey!
  5. Salted Gaming

    How do you get partnered

    Hey guys I know I'm not at the level of getting partnered but I just want to know how the process works for when its my time
  6. Salted Gaming

    Gmod Players Wanted

    Just looking to record some gameplay with some new voices. Anything in Gmod would be awesome!!! Skype if interested at: salted.gaming