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  1. Queost

    Estimated earnings going down?

    My earnings are going down as my views go up. I was at $24.86 2 days ago and now its $22ish anyone else?
  2. Queost

    My New Progressive Let's Play

    Hey guys. I've just started my first lets play of minecraft vanilla and aiming to make a good stack of videos, finish vanilla then move on to mods such as Feed The Beast. Im new to minecraft so its funny watching me be confused ! anyway here is episode 1 of Queost Plays Minecraft. Enjoy and...
  3. Queost

    Minecraft Series Suggestions

    Hey guys I'm new to the whole minecraft malarky and was planning on making a let's play series type thing of daily, every other day uploads to make a big long series. Im going to be using the Feed The Beast mod pack for it. Just a quick poll to see what people like to see in minecraft videos or...
  4. Queost

    Intel i7 4790k 4Ghz

    Thinking of upgrading from my i5 @3ghz to this bad boy. Would this fit the same slot does anyone know? And would it be worth the upgrade? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Queost

    help with channel

    I have a high amount of inactive Subs. I have over 1.3k subs yet barely receive 100 views a video. I think this is due to a giveaway i ran a year or so ago. Is there anythign i can do for this or is making a new channel the best option?
  6. Queost

    Hey all. Queost here!

    Hey, My name is Adam(Queost) and I run a PC gaming channel. I do lots of lets plays of alpha and early access games as well as main titles. I'm a 23 year old dental technician IRL My channel is thanks :D