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  1. Fuzy


    I am looking to start a podcast where we talk about video games, movies, new etc. Looking for a team of 4 (including myself) for this podcast. Please let me know if you are interested.
  2. Fuzy

    I edit videos

    I am a video editor. I edit videos from Gaming to IRL skits. I range from 5$-15$ a month depending on video consistancy. Willing to edit one free video for you as a preview. contact me on skype danielthelag
  3. Fuzy

    FUZY UNCUT EP#1 - Things that are pissing me off

    comment and i will sub to and like and comment on your latest video.
  4. Fuzy

    ARMA 3 Video: Arm-a-Sunday Ep#1

    New weekly ARMA 3 series
  5. Fuzy


    Playin random indie games every saturday. Come check it out for the first time playing SHOWER WITH MY DAD SIMULATOR.
  6. Fuzy

    Factorio Ep#1 - Starting Out

    First Factorio episode.
  7. Fuzy

    New Community Channel! Post youyr videos here.

    I have recently started a Community channel called AMB Community. We will be uploading every 2 days. We will be uploading the best gaming clips and videos in any console and any game. What you need in order to have your video posted. 1. Funny and/or entertaining 2. 720p-1080p HD quality 3...