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  1. Bashful Brit

    Would you pay for Ad-free YouTube?

    This would be good if you were a casual watcher and got annoyed by the ads all the time but people tend to resort to ad blocker for that which is a free service so I don't see why people would pay for it when there is a very simple and free work around for it at the moment? However if people...
  2. Bashful Brit

    Do you know anything about condensaror mic's

    With the Yeti you're paying the same price as you would be for the microphone, interface and the cable with less hassle and a good microphone! You could even get it cheaper second hand, got mine for £60 (80 Euros) However if this is what you have your heart set on then it should all work just...
  3. Bashful Brit

    What game were you playing on your very first video?

    First Video on this channel was Modded MineCraft server I was playing on! First ever video and only ever gaming video I uploaded to any other channel was a RuneScape Tutorial video, oh back in the days! XD
  4. Bashful Brit

    Does age of a Game effect views?

    Difference with MineCraft is although it's new there are always new features being added and the modding community is so strong behind the game that it offers a vast variety of game play on different entertainment levels, such as mod show cases, tutorials, some crazy new redstone/command set up...
  5. Bashful Brit

    Any Gaming video ideas?

    Whatever you feel flows naturally, if you try and force content for the sake of content then it'll show and you won't enjoy it as much! As time goes on subs might suggest games they would like to see you play! :)
  6. Bashful Brit

    I made it back! (Finally!)

    Good to see you back again! ^_^
  7. Bashful Brit

    Need a new logo

    Yes I edited the post, my bad :3
  8. Bashful Brit

    Need a new logo

    Nothing special, just something I've thrown together that you could possibly pitch ideas off or something? EDIT: helps if I add the link :P
  9. Bashful Brit

    In need of OUTRO

    Depends on what kind of thing you're looking for, and your editing knowledge, I've recently just started adding outros which I made myself pretty easily, then I use key frames to pan the video out to the outro screen so the video is still going while the additional information and links pop up...
  10. Bashful Brit

    Daily Upload for Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

    Another guide on H1Z1, this one covers hunger! :)
  11. Bashful Brit

    Need help to chose mice

    Do you play MMO's much? If not then I doubt you would see the full potential out of either of these devices, sure the numerous buttons look fancy but you probably won't use most of them! I have the Logitech Dark Field and it's a great mouse, has a few handy buttons on the side to navigate back...
  12. Bashful Brit

    Building My First PC 2014 Haswell-E Style

    I don't know what kind of stuff you're planning to do on this thing but if it's just gaming and recording and streaming, that is a complete overkill set up... I built my first build about 2-3 months back and I only spend just over £1000 on mine. Firstly, do you really think you need SLI 770...
  13. Bashful Brit

    What type of gamer are YOU? Graphics/ Gameplay/ Story, Choose one.

    Story all the way! Loved most the FF series and The last of Us was just such a great game because of the story :)
  14. Bashful Brit

    What Games Should I Play?

    Play whatever you're enthusiastic about! It will come across in your videos and people will look for the energy you have when playing, if it's a game you love it'll be natural! Just play what you enjoy and if people like it they will subscribe! I got quite a bit of slack in the beginning because...
  15. Bashful Brit

    How many times a day do you visit YouTube?

    I can't remember the last time I closed the YouTube tab...
  16. Bashful Brit

    Are You "You" on YouTube or is it a Character?

    I like to think I'm quite genuine but then again I've changed since I started doing YouTube, still me though, just the 2.0 version ;)
  17. Bashful Brit

    What are some things you hate about YouTube?

    The days where videos decide to take a decade to process and other days it takes moments, the inconsistency bugs me a great deal!
  18. Bashful Brit

    New Theme Feedback

    I managed to get back to the main page but only worked if I changed theme, don't really want to test it again haha! :P However I took one for the team and you still get the error going to the main forum page on the new theme!
  19. Bashful Brit

    New Theme Feedback

    I dunno if it's related to this or not but I can't access the main page of the forums! Keep getting this message Have to keep clearing my cache when I get to it and the only bit I can access is sub forums :/