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  1. ImperialArm

    Copyright Claim?

    I just finished uploading a video for release later next week and received this in my email Hi Imperial Arm Gaming, A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video. This is just a heads up Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble and your account standing is not affected by...
  2. ImperialArm

    YT cutting my videos short?

    is anyone else having this problem, I was going back to watch my most recent uploads and noticed that they are being cut short, then went back and watched the original unedited ones and they are fine. Tried to reupload and the same problem is happening, does anyone have advice for dealing with this?
  3. ImperialArm

    Is Noobtube worth the time to try and promote there?

    The title says it all has anyone had any success promoting their channel and content with Noobtube I got invited from another YT that promotes there and figured why the hell not. To me it seems like a dumping ground that has not yielded any results, anyone have experience or thoughts about it?
  4. ImperialArm

    Should I backup my videos

    Do the videos stay on YT forever or should I maintain backs on a harddrive somewhere on my computer?
  5. ImperialArm

    New Banner design, would like feedback please

    So as the title reads, looking for feedback. [/IMG]
  6. ImperialArm

    At what point should you stream?

    At what point should you stream? I mean should I have a certain number of subs on YT or just throw my hat in and start streaming to try and gain more subs and followers?
  7. ImperialArm

    Imperial Arm Gaming

    Imperial Arm Gaming Channel Start Date: April 2016 Partnered with Network?: No Partnered network, from everything I've read networks are ify Amount of Videos on Channel: 113 Total Subscribers: 41 Amount of Total Views on Channel:2,247...
  8. ImperialArm

    Views early on

    I wasn't real sure what to put for the title, but anyway for larger channels or anyone really. When you first started out how many views were your videos getting? I seem to have a mixed bag here some videos I have 50-60 or more views and others I will have 2-7 views. I fully understand that...
  9. ImperialArm

    Any success with promoting on

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experince or success with the site?
  10. ImperialArm

    Tapatalk app

    Just checking to see if the tapatalk app is broken, I was trying to login in on it and it says that Damnlag is disabled?
  11. ImperialArm

    Question about analytics

    First off sorry if this is in the wrong area still trying to sort the forums out. Does anyone have experience with or use sites like tube buddy, I have been trying it out but I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly or if its just a scam?
  12. ImperialArm

    just another newbie saying hi

    I'm currently in New Mexico, I'm is the USAF so I move around alot, I got in to making videos as away to share my passion for video games, the art the story and emotion that games give us is something that has always moved me and I just want to share that with people I found Damnlag from From a...