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  1. Smequle

    Community Channel (3000+ Subs)

    Hey I am looking to change my channel over into a community channel and am looking for directors for the channel. Being a director will give you the opportunity to gain subscribers and gain recognition. My channel is and I currently have over 3000 subs, if you are...
  2. Smequle

    Other Starting a Black Ops 3 Top 3 Plays of the Week

    Hey everyone I am starting a Black Ops 3 Top Three Plays of the week over on my channel and am looking for submissions. If you are interested reply to this thread. This will be great exposure to your channel as I have over 1000 subscribers. Channel:
  3. Smequle

    Advanced Warfare On Xbox One

    Anyone wanna collab when advanced warfare comes out on xbox one?
  4. Smequle

    Smequle, Commentaries, Montages, Let's Plays, and More!

    Channel Name: Smequle Channel Link: Channel Start Date: June 19, 2013 Partnered with Network?: Yes Amount of Videos on Channel: 150 Total Subscribers: 212 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 18k Channel Description: ey whats up Guys my name is Smequle and on...
  5. Smequle

    150 Subs and Partnership!

    Hey guys I just hit 150 subs and got partnered by high notoriety about a month ago, leggo!
  6. Smequle


    Channel Promotion Channel Username Smequle Channel URL Channel Start Date May 27, 2013 Are you partnered? Yes If Yes, who are you partnered with? High Notoriety Amount of Videos on Channel 99 Total Views to-date on Channel 8,115 Channel...
  7. Smequle

    Xbox One Collab

    If any1 wants to play some xbox one together, maybe do some trolling videos or something, then hit me up:)
  8. Smequle

    My First Time Playing League of Legends!
  9. Smequle

    Looking for People To Make GTA Videos On Ps3?

    Anyone that has Ps3 and would like to play Gta with me and make some videos, give me a shout:)
  10. Smequle

    Hey Guys and Gals Mind Checking Ou My Channel?

    (If you do not use the following template in your post, your post will be removed without warning) *Note* Please No Videos, other than Channel Trailers. If your channel doesn't have a trailer, do not post a video. Copy the below information and post on the right side of the [/B] tags...