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  1. kitsune tsuki

    Internet Speeds

    I have crappy internet :( but i am moving soon so will hopefully get better connections, plus i did just go for the cheapest internet :p
  2. kitsune tsuki

    Let's Play Pokemon Flora Sky Part 1 - Wlecome to Small Town

    Really enjoy your Pokemon series :p good luck for the 20 subscribers
  3. kitsune tsuki

    Retro Gaming: Tekken 3 Kings combo moves

    Sooooooooooo i finally got my PSone and my elgato connected, and obviously the first thing i did was play Tekken :p and i just couldn't resist trying out my skills with King and performing some of his epic throwing combos. If you have any fighters you think i should try to master and upload...
  4. kitsune tsuki

    Annoying Game Challenges ! We Want Them

    Haha that was quite funny, i could see the frustration building :p Anyway heres how it should be done ;)
  5. kitsune tsuki

    YTG Video Watermark

    Will be adding this to my future uploads, cool idea Viper :p
  6. kitsune tsuki

    New to the forums

    Welcome to YTGaming, will give your channel a look i'm a GTA and battlefield fan as well :p
  7. kitsune tsuki

    Noobie Here

    Welcome to YTGaming FNGSmexxy, post some WoW videos plis :p
  8. kitsune tsuki

    Hi guys! I am new to the forum and YT and would like some feedback.

    Welcome to YTGaming video looks cool keep up the good work :p
  9. kitsune tsuki

    hi everyone

    @kitsune how did you put the suscribe button in your sig? If you add the code [ YTID] [ /YTID] with your channel name inbetween (and without the space after the [ ) there is a quick link added to the tool bar it looks like a black controller on a white and red background in the style of the...
  10. kitsune tsuki

    GnGProductionsUK - Gaming and tutorials

    Those are some cool videos! welcome to YTGaming :P
  11. kitsune tsuki

    I join, i looked around, Now i'm saying Hi

    Welcome to YTGaming! do you have a link for your channel :P
  12. kitsune tsuki

    Skyrim partnership celebration

    Ok so a while back i said i applied to RPM and got accepted and would post a Skyrim video to celebrate this :P well today i got my full confirmation and set up my account so heres the video ;) hope you enjoy. Please leave any feedback positive or negative it all helps me to develop my editing...
  13. kitsune tsuki

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to YTGaming, glad to see another person who prefers the older video games :)
  14. kitsune tsuki

    hi everyone

    Welcome to YTGaming...... I Loved Michael Jacksons moonwalker game it was awesome!!! i was kinda young so don't remember it that well except for throwing my hat to kill people haha i'm off to check out your videos :P
  15. kitsune tsuki


    Welcome to YTGaming Sharkbeats, your channel looks good look forward to some more videos :P
  16. kitsune tsuki

    Retro gaming

    So i know a few people on here like playing retro games which prompted me to buy a PSone which i will record using my Elgato. How does everyone feel about retro games? what are your favourites? Personally i love them and i think i will be spamming YouTube with Tekken videos over the next few...
  17. kitsune tsuki


    Cool channel Slayyir, welcome to YTGaming!
  18. kitsune tsuki

    First Time Trying to do a Stream, Minecraft 15 or so mins

    Cool, do you play Minecraft on PC or xbox... i've always wanted to start playing but never got round to it
  19. kitsune tsuki

    I am a NOOB!

    Hey Phyzzy soda welcome to YTGaming, I'll give your channel a look later and subscribe
  20. kitsune tsuki

    Hey, Whadup!

    Welcome to YTGaming Gravitystar, I'm always up for some Xbox gaming.