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  1. TheLameProject

    Mind f*cking time!

    hah sup bros? Wanna see somethin crazy? I was actually breaking my computer xD Leave a like and maybe subscribe if you enjoyed, thank you all! :D
  2. TheLameProject

    Amnesia thread :d

    I will post all new Amnesia videos on this thread so i won't mess shit up :D This was recorded and uploaded today and i fucking hated the jumpscare @ the beginning ahah! Leave a like & subscribe if you enjoyed the video, guys! :) Thank you all!
  3. TheLameProject

    I hate puzzles! Amnesia "a daughter's rescue" I hate when i have to solve stuff to keep on going -.- This is scary as well, don't worry ahah! Leave feedbacks if you want! Like & sub if you enjoyed, it always helps! :D
  4. TheLameProject


    Is anybody interested to make a commentary with me on Amnesia? If yes write below or pm me :) The Lame Project
  5. TheLameProject

    I'm already sick of this shit! Amnesia ;_; After 17 mins of gameplay this already scared the fuck out of me ahah I will continue this asap! Feedbacks? :D Sorry if the video is so short but i couldnt handle it anymore xD Thank you! Leave a like & a sub if you enjoyed;P Byeeee
  6. TheLameProject

    Stupid mode: On! Let the amnesia journey begin!

    Hello hello hello! It's The Lame Project here! Today i've uploaded the first episode of my new Amnesia series while i'm waiting for A Machine For Pigs to come out! I've chosen to immediately start with a mod that has been played very little and that has been released just a month ago ;P So yeah...
  7. TheLameProject

    Which commentary style do you like most?

    Idk if this is the right section (maybe i should have posted in suggestion/help section?) Whatever, as this is about my gameplay videos i decided to post it here In your opinion which is the best commentaring style between these 2 vids? 1: 2...
  8. TheLameProject

    TheLameProject - Deathrun Gameplay! (CoD4)

    Hello everybody, it's TheLameProject here! This is my latest video (about the Deathrun CoD4 mod) It's a pretty nice mod in my opinion so i'd like you to check it and see how it is ;) Enjoy (leave a like and maybe sub if you did ;P) and thanks for watching...
  9. TheLameProject

    It's The Lame Project Here!

    Helloooo everybody, it's The Lame Project writing right here! I'm a 17 years old guy from Italy who makes commentaries and gameplays, i started this about one month (?) ago because i have always liked entertain people and make them laugh! So yeah see ya! For infos, this is my youtube channel...