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  1. ExponentialAwesome

    400 Microsoft Point Giveaway!

    Giving 400 MSP to one of you that subscribes to and comments on their latest video saying: "ExponentialAwesome Sent Me" I will pick a random person soon and contact them on YouTube.
  2. ExponentialAwesome

    Youtube Partner Perks

    This thread is to discuss the perks of being a partner, such as monetization, thumbnails, and extended video length. Now I'll start. With all of my subscribers, why do I STILL not have thumbnails D:< this account has been active for a year too.
  3. ExponentialAwesome

    Slender: The Arrival Playthrough

    Not much more to say. Here is a link to the playlist:
  4. ExponentialAwesome

    I am good at making Thumbnails, Channel Art, Twitter headers, and avatars

    Hey everyone :) When I was starting my youtube channel (see my signature) a lot of people on twitter really liked my art and continuously asked me to make things for them. I have made dozens of youtube related art for people on twitter and I figured I could help you all out too. But it is a bit...
  5. ExponentialAwesome

    Exponentially Awesome channel

    Hey Awesome people! Recently started my YouTube and it is doing well so far. I already introduced myself in the introduction thread. If someone could check out my channel and some of my videos I would appreciate it. It is using the new channel layout and as my videos have progressed I have...
  6. ExponentialAwesome

    Hello Awesome People! I'm ExponentialAwesome!

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, obviously. And I just started making YouTube videos 3 weeks ago so I'm still growing, but I currently have 200+ subscribers and 9 videos. I plan on making more than just gameplay videos but right now The majority of my videos are Slender and BioShock game plays. I...