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  1. kgameplay

    Lol Pentakill moments League of Legends

    Check out my lol lastest video :) Lol Pentakill moments League of Legends
  2. kgameplay

    Hosted Adsense not show 68% revenue share?

    My friend signed up a Adsense account via Youtube and got a hosted Adsense but it does not have 68%. He searched and there are many people said that Adsense account will not get paid, request PIN and be banned soon. Is it right?
  3. kgameplay

    Best Xayah Plays Pentakill New Vastaya Champion

    Hope you guys like my videos Don't forget subscribe if you like :) Have fun!
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    Hi guys welcome to my channel

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie in this forum. I have a small gaming channel on youtube. Please come, enjoy, feedback and support my channel as well. Thanks all :)
  5. kgameplay

    Problem with join a network?

    Now, We must have an Adsense account and link to channel that can join a network? Before, we can join a network without this.