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  1. Catbunny

    Channel of the Month #20 (April 2016) - Voting/Entries

    Non-Entry @InstantReplayLive @Devilish @VirtuallyBoris @Flash Cake @GillysGames
  2. Catbunny

    What music are you listening to currently?

    I tend to listen to Pandora a lot. As far as groups go, I am loving The xx right now.
  3. Catbunny

    Share your Twitter!
  4. Catbunny

    Do you watch cartoons still?

    I have a child, so yes. Sarah and Duck on Netflix is great. Animaniacs just got released on Netflix and I am going to be all over that.
  5. Catbunny

    Do you listen to music while you game?

    Depends on the game, really. Something like WoW I would definitely listen to music while playing.
  6. Catbunny

    Childhood Gaming

    Adventure on the Atari 2600. My brother would play that with me a lot. Contra on the NES because my sister would play that with me. They were much older than I was. My sister carried over the playing of video games with her kids as a way to spend time with them. She found they would talk to her...
  7. Catbunny

    What would you do with $1 Million?

    Invest, and buy a house with a better kitchen and layout.
  8. Catbunny

    Hold X for as long as you can hold your breath!

  9. Catbunny

    Whats Up Guys!!! My name is Beardy, and this is my thread :P

    I am also newish. I joined months ago, but am trying to be more active.
  10. Catbunny

    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    Nick from Instant Replay Live.