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  1. Goucho1UK

    War Thunder - The Head On Gamble

    Hey guys take a look how the Daft Baron deals with 1v1 head ons in #Warthunder
  2. Goucho1UK

    War Thunder has everything for everyone :) Including the "DAFT BARON"

    Introducing the "DAFT BARON" lmao. What trouble can Goucho cause in the skys?
  3. Goucho1UK

    Goucho has been let loose in China !!!!

    Geeeeeeeeeeez now i have been let loose in China lmao
  4. Goucho1UK

    Overwatch is the next Clan/Team game!!

    Hey guys this is an awesome team game, do not be fooled by it's visual style this is an ace game!!!
  5. Goucho1UK

    First Youtube content creator to get an Oscar!!!

    Eyup guys what an honour it was to get an oscar for my appearances in these awesome round ending killcams. Give my video a thumbs up, a comment and even subscribe to my channel for further headline stealing events ;)
  6. Goucho1UK

    How to land an aircraft the BIG-G way in War Thunder!

    Chocks away babies ;)
  7. Goucho1UK

    I just love this Black Ops 3 Weapon!!!

    Crispy Duck time peeps lmao
  8. Goucho1UK

    How to become an ace Bomber pilot in War Thunder!!!

    Here we go with my latest creation. The game is War Thunder and it is free to play and is awesome fun, especially if you follow my mental approach lol Help me out and share my video. Stick it on Facebook and Twitter then subscribe to my channel on Youtube so you can give it a thumbs up and...
  9. Goucho1UK

    How Not To Die With Dignnity

    Well here we go with a bit of what I am good at when it comes to Black Ops 3.
  10. Goucho1UK

    An Old Git Gaming - BO3

    Here we go! This is what happens when you let an Old Git play Black Ops 3 lol
  11. Goucho1UK


    Hey guys this is the first of a mini series discussing playing the objective in #WarThunder
  12. Goucho1UK

    I have been let loose on the TINTERNET again peeps

    I am back at it peeps :)
  13. Goucho1UK

    Why am I sooooooooooooo unlucky lol

    Remind me never to buy a lottery or raffle ticket lmao
  14. Goucho1UK

    Uber kills in War Thunder

    This is a great pick up and play game guys. Give it a try ;)
  15. Goucho1UK

    Hey guys I got some ace stuff from Black Ops 3 Supply Drops

    Hey guys I grabbed some ace stuff this time!!!
  16. Goucho1UK

    An Old Git Playing Star Wars lol

    Well here we go having a go at a new game ;)
  17. Goucho1UK

    Great 1v1 Dogfight on War Thunder

    Here is my latest creation having fun with a guy in War Thunder ;)
  18. Goucho1UK

    Fresh New Start : Blops 3 RARE+ Supply Drops

    Hey guys I have revamped my channel and content, I am sure you will enjoy
  19. Goucho1UK

    Channel Revamp

    Decided to do a wee revamp of my channel. I will be making content on a few games from now on to include :- War Thunder, Battlefront Star Wars, Overwatch, Battlefield 4, Black Ops 3 and maybe some more.
  20. Goucho1UK

    Wahey I finally got ROYALTY camo :D

    Wow guys I managed to grind out some "ROYALTY" camo in #AdvancedWarfare Take a peep and hit the sub button...... "BIG" channel revamp coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!!