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  1. KennyT

    Hi I'm dominatioN

    same here ^^
  2. KennyT

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Kenny, i'm 24 and i just started my YouTube channel like about a month ago, so far i'm having a blast, but still i have a lot to improve. I intend to make a video every week for now with more to come in the future if i am able to work around my schedules. You can follow my social...
  3. KennyT

    SPORE - The Evolution Simulator

    i'm thinking about playing this game on my channel also never had the change to try it. keep up the good work.
  4. KennyT


    Funny XD earned a sub right here.
  5. KennyT

    *New* Video

    i like it, you keep it short and straight to the point, you earned a sub.
  6. KennyT

    Latest Video on my channel. My Friend Pedro.

    Hey everyone, I just started on YouTube like a month ago so i'm still getting the hang of all this, i think i'm getting the hang of it. You can follow my social media for more updates and consider joining my Patreon for exclusive monthly updates.
  7. KennyT

    A guide for promotion: Self Promo 101.

    Nice point in the right direction, i will apply some of this to my youtube channel, i was never a social media person myself but i am kinda pushing myself to share more of me as i go since it can help to draw attention to my channel, i'm thinking of using Instagram as a way to share some behind...
  8. KennyT

    How to get subs?

    rule of gold for video that i think i found out will all the things i read and watched is, capture the person watching right away like as soon as the video starts, then keep it straight to the point, videos with more then 30 min or 5 even can be hard to capture the attention of. and keep it...