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  1. Vocosol

    Internet Speeds

    Just out of curiosity, what's everyone running for internet speeds? I'm personally getting: Which I think is fairly decent. What about all of you?
  2. Vocosol

    Back from unannounced absence

    Hey all, When YTG first started, I was fairly active(I made 100someodd posts my first three days), however recently I've been a lurker instead of a moderator like I should be. A lot has been going on the last week or so, including my 18th birthday today, so I haven't had much time to...
  3. Vocosol

    100 Subs! + Trailer video!

    Woo! This morning I woke up and found I have 101 subscribers, which is my first milestone! Absolutely stoked! Thanks so much to those of you from here that've subbed to me- I appreciate the help. :)
  4. Vocosol

    [Tutorial] Custom Thumbnails using GIMP 2.8.4

    IsaacHype had a question about how to make custom thumbnails for videos here, so I made a tutorial video for it. While the original questions asks about Photoshop, I don't have a copy of it so I'm using the free alternative GIMP Feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)...
  5. Vocosol

    The origin of your name?

    I'm curious to see how everyone came up with their username. Considering it's sort of like your identity on the internet(like many others I use Vocosol and Vocosolis everywhere now), the way you thought of it is an important part of the name. Personally, Vocosolis(my YouTube and deviantArt)...
  6. Vocosol

    What exactly IS partnering?

    Not in the sense of being able to Monetize your views on YouTube, but what is partnering with a Gaming Network? What is required, what's it do? I'm a little confused on what joining a network means. This thread can also serve as a spot for others to find the answer to the same question. x3...
  7. Vocosol

    [Suggestion] Like posts

    I'm not sure what add-ons you can use with vBulletin, but on another site I saw there was an option to like user's posts. Any chance we could get that going here? Sort of like a reputation system so people know when they're making good content that others enjoy. :)
  8. Vocosol

    Opinions on the Xbox 720 Always-On rumors?

    Lately, rumors surrounding the Xbox 720 are that it will be an "always-on" device, meaning that you will always have to be connected to the internet in order to play games(Think of games like Diablo III, or SimCity.). Many players are not happy about this rumor, given that some don't have stable...
  9. Vocosol

    What next-gen console will you be getting?

    This is just a poll to see what console you guys are interested in purchasing in the next-gen lineup. Please feel free to comment with your opinion on why you chose a specific console over another, but keep it polite and professional! Not here to start a war, just find out what others think...
  10. Vocosol

    Minecraft Hunger Games

    I'm looking for people to join me in my adventures in Minecraft. I was thinking of getting a group of people together to play Minecraft Hunger Games, which seems to be a popular choice for multiplayer maps right now. Anyone up for it?
  11. Vocosol

    Dream car? Current car?

    Alright, I'm curious. Do you drive a car? If you do, what kind of car is it? How do you like it? If you don't, what kind of car would you choose for your first vehicle if you were given the chance to actually pick? And for everyone, as I'm sure we've all thought about it at least once, if...
  12. Vocosol

    [Suggestion] Tutorials section

    I personally think a Tutorial video section in the forums would benefit some people. I know there's probably a spot we could put videos about how to do things in certain games that falls into one of the various categories present on the site, but I think that a dedicated section for organizing...
  13. Vocosol

    [Insert witty title here]

    Hello everyone! My name is Vocosol, and I'm somewhat new(started in January of this year) to YouTube videos! Like most people, I'd always been a viewer, until I finally decided I wanted to try jumping on the train of people who were actually making videos, not just watching. I started out with...