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  1. JamesGalaxy41

    New video

    Check out my other videos thx :)
  2. JamesGalaxy41

    Joker how about another joke murray?

    It took me like 2 days to make it I love the joker so it had to be done!! Check out my channel leave a comment
  3. JamesGalaxy41

    Spectacular Spider-Man intro animated

    Let me know what you think it took a while!!! Plz visit my channel and check out my other animations!!!
  4. JamesGalaxy41

    Goals for my channel this year

    Im trying to get 100 subs by the end of this year if not by the end of June and my view goal is 5,000
  5. JamesGalaxy41

    Small channel with mix of games and animation

    I have a small channel and im trying to grow please check out my channel and let me know your thoughts!!! Im gonna upload more videos soon so if you do like my channel please subscribe im really close to 100 subscribers :) Channel name: JamesGalaxy41