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  1. Bashful Brit

    New Theme Feedback

    So this is pretty much directed to Chris/Damnlag but anyone else who has some suggestions for the fancy new theme we got can post it in here as well I guess :D Firstly I love it! It looks awesome but there's a few things I think could do with tweaking! 1) The chat bar at the bottom cuts off...
  2. Bashful Brit

    50 subs!

    I know this might not be huge but it's a milestone for me! I set myself the goal of 100 subs in the space of 3 months, under a month into the channel and I'm already half way there so I couldn't be happier! You guys feel like a family to me so I just felt like I had to share it with you guys ^_^
  3. Bashful Brit

    100 Subs by the end of September

    Hey guys! I've just recently started but that's not going to stop me being eager to jump right in! I'm uploading daily and trying to be as active as I can in the community and I think with enough work and dedication I can reach this goal by September! Why September? I have no idea! :lol: I...
  4. Bashful Brit

    Hello everyoneeee!

    Hey guys and girls of all ages! I'll keep this short, simple and sweet for you guys if I don't go off rambling in the middle somewhere about something or another....(And so it begins already!!) I'm new to the uploading side of YouTube but have wanted to do it for ages, I've always wanted the...