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    Minecraft Hunger Games

    It's legit Minecraft
  2. Vocosol

    Minecraft Hunger Games

    I live in AST(GMT-4...I believe? I'm 4 hours behind London), so I'm good for most days as long as i'm not working
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    Minecraft Hunger Games

    Awesome! There's a decent sized group- now we just need to figure out when everyone would be available to sit down and record through it. xD (Sorry it took so long to reply to this thread. Been on hiatus again.)
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    Internet Speeds

    Just out of curiosity, what's everyone running for internet speeds? I'm personally getting: Which I think is fairly decent. What about all of you?
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    Minecraft Hunger Games

    Us three so far, then. I'll put a thing on my channel for my viewers to see if any of them want to do it sometime and see if we can get a few more people in.
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    Building My Channel

    I personally find Twitter is the more popular option for social networking- partly because everyone uses it, partly because everything is arranged nice and neat for people to get the content they'd like. I haven't seen many YouTubers with high-liked Facebook pages, but that same YouTuber has a...
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    I personally set a timed limit of 30 minutes per recording- if I go any further than that I'll make the video into seperate parts. 20-30 minutes seems to work well for my viewers- not too long, but enough content to keep them engaged.
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    Back from unannounced absence

    Hey all, When YTG first started, I was fairly active(I made 100someodd posts my first three days), however recently I've been a lurker instead of a moderator like I should be. A lot has been going on the last week or so, including my 18th birthday today, so I haven't had much time to...
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    Some Good Browser Games

    Slavehack was always fun... basically it was all about hacking. Was quite fun.
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    What do you use to record gameplay?

    I used to use a pinnacle Dazzle for my consoles, but never actually uploaded anything with it. Right now since I'm a PC recorder I use FRAPs. It's easily the best recording solution for PC, in my opinion. Some say it lowers framerate but I've honestly never had issues with that- although that...
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    New Moderator 4/18/13

    Congrats! Welcome to the team!
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    Hey Everyone, I Guess I'll Start Here

    Hey there, welcome to YTG! If you need help with anything, feel free to post it in the help section or ask one of the moderators. :) Enjoy your stay!
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    New Rule: 1 Thread per Series

    After you mentioned that, I'll be creating a forum where you "moderators" can view and see all posts/threads/PMs/visitor messages reported. I wondered where that new thread had come from... x3 Thanks Viper, makes things much easier.
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    New Rule: 1 Thread per Series

    Yeah, the forums growing daily and it gets a little interesting trying to keep up when I'm on, I can't even imagine what it's like for the others. If you guys notice anything we should look at then definitely PM us(I don't think us regular mods have access to reported threads, or at least I...
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    Like system

    This has already been suggested~ x3 For now, the little star in the bottom left of a post will add rep to the user.
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    New Rule: 1 Thread per Series

    I agree with this, honestly. I may miss a few threads and whatnot so if you see it just fire one of the mods a quick message and we'll merge the two threads into one.
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    You wanna learn to do GFX?

    Hey there, good tutorial! Just wanted to let you know I moved your thread to the tutorials section on the forums. :) Keep up the good work, interested in seeing more tutorials!
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    Haha, doesn't sound bad, I was just confused because I wasn't sure how someone would collaborate a singleplayer game. Makes sense now, sorry! (When I do end up getting Amnesia I'd be interested in this, however)
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    Post your YouTube with stats!

    Channel (Link to your channel): Vocosolis Videos (Amount of videos you have): 27 Views (Your total view count): 2,066 Subscribers (Amount of Subs you have): 100 Interesting idea! Should be cool to see what everyones stats are.
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    I haven't played Amnesia yet.. but isn't it Singleplayer?