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    CharitySubs- Gaming, Charity, and Donations

    I would like to introduce a new Community Channel of the sorts called Charitysubs (CS). CS is a unique resource for you to gain donations/subscribers, and support charities you care about at the same time. It's all about being Gamers with Influence and using that Influence to benefit the lives...
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    PC Gamers

    I don't mind playing unless you seriously are shunning AMERICANS. Shame
  3. YoutakuGaming

    Do you think soccer is the best sport in the world?

    Do Motorsport is LAMMMEE... if you don't have good taste :D (see what i did there?)
  4. YoutakuGaming

    must watch.

    I'm soo confused. what is this thread about? WHAT MUST I WATCH?!?!
  5. YoutakuGaming

    Started a Channel and wanted to meet other gaming youtubers.

    Welcome to the Family Ant! Keep your content up son!
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    New to Damnlag

    Welcome to the Family goose! Post a link to your channel :D
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    Whats up people?

    Ohhhh I like you're spirit :D Welcome to the family! There are magical things in these forums :o
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    Raceta - Racing Channel

    Welcome to the Family! Shoot us a link so we can check out your stuff :D
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    What's up good people...!!

    IDK I was compelled by that statement :D
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    Hi and welcome to my corner! Have a seat!

    Welcome to the Family :DDDDD
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    Im new to damnlag and youtube!

    Awesome man, welcome to the community! Don't give up!
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    New to Youtube and Damnlag, looking to grow!

    Welcome to the Family! Plenty of Fifa fans on this site! Have fun!
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    New Member Alert! ;)

    Welcome to the Family Bro
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    Multiple goals

    Awesome man! I'm rooting for you! Maybe you'll get more than 400!
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    Look for voice acting opportunities

    Aha what kind fo voice acting stuff are you into? Parodies? Animes? Visual Novels on Steam? Abridged Youtube Stuff?
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    Hello Damnlag! I'm AGuyCalledDaniel!

    Welcome to the Family! IF you need anything let me know!
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    Im new here

    Welcome to the Fam!
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    New to Damn Lag

    Awesome man! Welcome to the family! I hope you find support you need here
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    Cadet X

    Welcome to the Family awesome person!
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    Sub4Subs, do you hate or love it?

    What is the epitome of the right reason to do youtube?