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  1. YoutakuGaming

    CharitySubs- Gaming, Charity, and Donations

    I would like to introduce a new Community Channel of the sorts called Charitysubs (CS). CS is a unique resource for you to gain donations/subscribers, and support charities you care about at the same time. It's all about being Gamers with Influence and using that Influence to benefit the lives...
  2. YoutakuGaming

    Premium Youtaku Gaming

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: Youtaku Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: June 22, 2015 Partnered with Network?: N/A Amount of Videos on Channel: 212 Total Subscribers: 28 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 1,887...
  3. YoutakuGaming

    Youtaku Gaming

    Just some general videos to get a feel of the Channel. Cheers!
  4. YoutakuGaming

    PC MMORPG/TCG Collaborations!

    Game: Dragons Nest, Vindictus, Infinity Wars, Cards and Castles, Guild Wars 2 etc. Platform: PC Number of People: 1-3 Timezone: EST Age: N/A Mission: To Kill Stuff Subscribers: 23 Link to Channel:
  5. YoutakuGaming

    What's good family! Happy to join you guys!

    What goes on! I recently came upon you guys and figured I'd join the community! You people seem pretty awesome and friendly. Right now I play mostly TCGs, MMORPG's Shooters and Acion/Adventure Games (In that order). I also do Anime Top Tens (starting today) and more will be coming soon! If you...