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    Here we goddamn go

    Hahah from the looks of it my man that's going to be a long time before i redeem myself. I can see myself getting better over a year doing this. I'm not in any hurry find success in this i work full time in the rat race baby lol. If anything my videos will provide good night lullably sleeps to...
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    Here we goddamn go

    That's what i'm talking about, i will look into it. I'm new to all things youtube gaming. Will tackle those things one step at a time. Thanks for your input stapler.
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    Here we goddamn go

    i figure i put myself out there a bit. I really like the community here and hope to contribute when i can. I would do more but I'm working so damn much. Rat race is a pain in the booty. Anyways, I came here to promote my channel see if any of you fancy it. I condone massive criticism so i can...
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    Have you ever lost subscribers?

    I haven't lost but with the amount of content i put out, i get very few subscribers. I'm sure you all know tips and tricks to get extra subscribers, but the ones who find me and settle on my channel will last. I can't force people to join my channel for that will bring me people with wavering...
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    Do you dislike your recorded voice?

    It's not often someone listens to their voice often, especially when their editing heh. I imagine you get better with experience and getting used to your voice and feeling more confident as time goes on.
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    Where are you from?

    Damn man, i didn't check this in a minute. Good that you guys are showing this thread some love. This is what matters other then the games itself, it's you guys, the many faces of the human spirit. I like all your hustle, keep it flowin guys. All love. Take care. Nas
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    What Games Should I Play?

    I agree with HeRow, play what you enjoy. Your personality will shine more and someone will love you for it. I do think coming so late in the game, you have to be patient and creative or you just won't get where you want to be. Nass
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    I started a community channel, and i want more small youtubers

    That's a good idea. I wanted to start a podcast as well myself. However i figure first i needed to build up the craft of actually doing this youtube gaming commentating business first, and build more of a story in my life to share outside of games in the podcast. Character is everything in a...
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    Face Cam, or Nah?

    I don't think it's necessary, adds to teh mystery of it. Plus you can always put pictures of yourself in instagram or twitter. However if you are a more colorful personality and have great editing skills you can make funny videos i suppose. Nas
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    Let's Play: The Wolf Among Us

    I just finished today for my channel, loving telltale games production and character development. Truly know how to make interactive games these days in the modern sense.
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    Where are you from?

    Damn so many people to check out, well guys your life story can only grow from here on out. Hope to see you guys a year from now.
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    Where are you from?

    When i have time I will check all of your youtube channels, i haven't got around to it since i have worked 60 hours this week, (happy holidays for me huh, yay...sigh lol). You all seem to be fine human beings. It's good to know you all. Also a thing about me is because of my work i have a...
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    What new indie games can only play during these last days of the year?

    Since the new year is coming soon with new releases, what new games out there do you know that should be shared and played?
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    Where are you from?

    The way i look at it is, that gaming will be much bigger then the developers themselves, it will get to a point where everyone can be more interactive with what they play with. The game becomes the canvas, you the gamer become the painter. You share your art with others, as subjective as that...
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    Where are you from?

    I figure if we all know each others lives a little more, it should add to our humanity of understanding why it is that you do what you do. That way even if you guys subscribe to one another it wont be in vain or for more views or subscribers. I try to not get caught up on statistics or ways to...
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    Where are you from?

    haaaaa i love it redfox, and indeed you are old school. From your perspective you must be in awe of what the videogame manifested itself into when it comes to the industry. Barring all the new creativity we have seen in recent times, i must say you are quite the busy man to be seeing all this...
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    Where are you from?

    It seems we all have introduced each other more or less from our youtube channels, but i'm curious what do you all do by day or night? Also what motivated you to begin this journey with everybody else. For me, i do hvac/refrigeration. I mainly do this to entertain the less fortunate but...
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    What's Poppin fellow Men?

    Hey guys, Nass here bringing you yet another yotuube gaming personality. I'm doing this to learn from you guys, as well as entertain my cousins back home in Brazil who do not have luxury we all have of playing these new games. Although i must admit i have been on hiatus from the gaming world...