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    Risk of Rain Blind run!

    Hey guys, i just got this game Risk of Rain on steam. and immediately fell in love! This game is super fun and has intense replay value. Heres a link to anyone wanting to see my initial reaction and deaths!
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    How to build your first successful Sim City!

    Hey guys, in this thread i'll be posting my multi part tutorial where i show you how to build your own high density, successful Sim City. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
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    Fable 3 has multiplayer?

    Yeah so who knew? i sure didnt until my good friend pointed that out to me. So Lets play fable 3 with this strange unknown feature!
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    Why Jinx is my Favorite LoL Champ

    Hey Guys DeAxiom here with a little video showcasing my new favorite league champion Jinx!
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    Minecraft 1.7.2 Update and first impressions!

    Hey guys, DeAxiom here with some first impressions of the new minecraft update! Today i take you through a good majority of all the new items, biomes, and fun new world generation in minecraft 1.7.2!
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    DeAxiom Plays DeadSpace

    Hey guys come check out my first ever run through of deadspace 1
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    Back at Minecraft hardcore!

    Hey everyone, i know its been a few weeks but im back in the world of minecraft! today we finish our underground garden. Heres episode 3:
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    A Day in the life of DeAxiom - Sims3

    hey guys, so i picked up sims 3 for 5 bucks so i decided to record a bit. let me know what you all think!
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    HardCore Minecraft Time

    Come check it out! i'm tryin my hand at minecraft hardcore mode. can we slay the dragon?
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    How does one stream?

    Hey guys DeAxiom here with a popular request from my stream. My viewers wanted a sneak peak at where i stream so here it is, this is how an amature streamer does it!
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    Stream Indie Game Giveaway

    Hey guys so i'm pushing some viewer goals for my stream, and to help it along the way i'm giving away some steam games! so this is a win win for us, I get some exposure you guys get some games to record and if anyone likes my style maybe we can collab? w/e just come hang out and i hope you enjoy...
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    Another Outlast Video "Is it a maze?"

    Hey guys so i glitched through the map on stream and it turned into a pretty entertaining highlight. check it out!
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    DeAxiom gets musical in this weeks stream highlight!
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    Lets Fail! Outlast I broke the logics

    Hey guys as the video says, Lets Fail outlast. I mean really who needs those ceiling textures!
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    Worlds worst ADC

    No but seriously please show me a lvl 30 ADC main thats worse ><
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    Heres a strange problem

    So heres something wierd i'm now realizing my signiture is linking to a "DeAxiom" youtube account that is just empty, so i'm not sure what my "DeAxiom" youtube channel is. My Channel: What my signiture is linking to...
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    Outlast, The scarriest indie game!
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    DeAxiom Plays: Paper Mario

    Hey guys, so today i started a LP of an oldie. Paper Mario As always i'm still developing my youtube style and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated! thanks again ^^
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    League of Legends, how not to gank

    If you were ever wondering
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    Stream highlights turn into a LP

    Hey guys, so i was editing together some stream highlights and felt that i had a decent amount of footage for a full LP. possibly a fairly poorly edited one becuase i'm limited to YTs web based editor but a LP none the less! Anyways the link is still processing but i have to leave for work so...