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    Here we goddamn go

    i figure i put myself out there a bit. I really like the community here and hope to contribute when i can. I would do more but I'm working so damn much. Rat race is a pain in the booty. Anyways, I came here to promote my channel see if any of you fancy it. I condone massive criticism so i can...
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    What new indie games can only play during these last days of the year?

    Since the new year is coming soon with new releases, what new games out there do you know that should be shared and played?
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    Where are you from?

    It seems we all have introduced each other more or less from our youtube channels, but i'm curious what do you all do by day or night? Also what motivated you to begin this journey with everybody else. For me, i do hvac/refrigeration. I mainly do this to entertain the less fortunate but...
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    What's Poppin fellow Men?

    Hey guys, Nass here bringing you yet another yotuube gaming personality. I'm doing this to learn from you guys, as well as entertain my cousins back home in Brazil who do not have luxury we all have of playing these new games. Although i must admit i have been on hiatus from the gaming world...