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  1. ABRhombus

    My Quick Shellshock Live Review

    Hey everyone. If you're looking for a new game, or thinking about getting Shellshock Live, please see the video here. It is my best video yet and I'm very proud of it. Thanks so much!
  2. ABRhombus

    PC Looking for 3 people on PC for group collab...

    Totally did this wrong...fixed now. Sorry was out of it this AM. Game: Shellshock live, speed runners, move or die or and other game along these lines. Platform: PC Number of People: 4 total including myself Timezone: EST Age: 26 Mission: Subscribers: 5 Link to Channel...
  3. ABRhombus

    New Youtuber here, looking forward to meeting you all!

    Hey everybody, after years of wanting to start a YouTube gaming channel, I have finally taken the leap! I've been having so much fun. That said, I'm excited to be here and meet all of you wise YouTubers. A big reason I started this journey is to establish relationships in and out of gaming...