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  1. kitsune tsuki

    Retro Gaming: Tekken 3 Kings combo moves

    Sooooooooooo i finally got my PSone and my elgato connected, and obviously the first thing i did was play Tekken :p and i just couldn't resist trying out my skills with King and performing some of his epic throwing combos. If you have any fighters you think i should try to master and upload...
  2. kitsune tsuki

    Skyrim partnership celebration

    Ok so a while back i said i applied to RPM and got accepted and would post a Skyrim video to celebrate this :P well today i got my full confirmation and set up my account so heres the video ;) hope you enjoy. Please leave any feedback positive or negative it all helps me to develop my editing...
  3. kitsune tsuki

    Retro gaming

    So i know a few people on here like playing retro games which prompted me to buy a PSone which i will record using my Elgato. How does everyone feel about retro games? what are your favourites? Personally i love them and i think i will be spamming YouTube with Tekken videos over the next few...
  4. kitsune tsuki

    New black ops maps and my first commentary videos!!!

    Ok so they are a few days old now but my laptop and internet sucks and took almost 24 hours to encode and upload 4 x 4minute videos -.- basically i've never done a commentary before and figured the new maps would be a good chance to make a start and get some feed back, here is a link to the...
  5. kitsune tsuki

    Kitsune tsuki

    Hey guys would be cool to get some feedback since i'm new to youtube Channel Name: Kitsune tsuki Channel Link: Partnered (Yes or No, if yes with who?): RPM Date Channel Started: 11th March 2013 Amount of Videos: 21 Amount of Total Views to-date: 4965 Channel...
  6. kitsune tsuki

    Black ops double XP

    So there will be a double xp event on black ops 2 this weekend and i'm almost master prestige! If anyone is interested in joining me send me an invite, i'll have my Elgato turned on with chat recording so if anything cool or funny happens it'll get uploaded :p
  7. kitsune tsuki

    Skyrim video editing advice needed

    Hello, i uploaded my latest Skyrim video however i'm not quite happy with how it looks in some parts, it would be awesome if you guys could check it out and give some advice on what you like or didn't like and any improvements i could make, also i don't currently have any music so if you want to...
  8. kitsune tsuki

    Pangya golf

    So i played this game a while back and was a regular player online for around 6 years, heres a short clip of me getting a hole in one (HIO), i have 2 more longer videos but will take some work to edit, if you guys think i should do it let me know and i'll post them around the weekend :D...
  9. kitsune tsuki


    Do you read? what sort of books do you read? Ok i read a lot at times and often run out of new books to buy and read and thought it would be cool if people shared what books they recently read or have enjoyed in the past and want to recommend I'm currently reading "The rift war saga" which is...
  10. kitsune tsuki

    53 - 11 on hardcore kill confirmed black ops

    so i just got a copy of Adobe premier pro and figured out the basics so thought i would give editing a whirl, please let me know what you think of the video, i'm new to editing so would appreciate any comments or if you have any tips for Adobe (i have the full CS4 suite) then they would be...
  11. kitsune tsuki

    Add me!

    Hi, if anyone wants to add me on Xbox live my GT is Kitsune tsuki, i usually play between 7am and 12noon GMT during weekdays and 1am - 12 noon GMT at weekends. PM me if you want to play some CoD (BO2 MW3) or GTA 4 :cool:
  12. kitsune tsuki

    Grand theft auto IV funny jumps and glitches

    Heres a short video of some crazy things that happened to me this past week on GTA, i saw one of the glitches on youtube earlier this week so thought i'd give it a go and accidentally found another while doing a mission so i'm not sure if its a known glitch or not. Enjoy like & subscribe :D...
  13. kitsune tsuki

    Black ops 2 dolly cam gameplay

    Check out my latest black ops video, its a short movie of my gameplay on Hijacked which i filmed using the dolly cams to make it look more interesting, let me know what you think and leave some feedback or suggestion for future videos thanks :D
  14. kitsune tsuki

    Skyrim armor and weapon showcase

    Hey heres i few videos i uploaded showing my Skyrim character and houses with a look at some of the cool weapons and armor i collected over the 2 years of playing - Character setup - Heljarchen hall...
  15. kitsune tsuki

    Hello from Kitsune tsuki

    Hello, i'm a gamer from England, i play mainly on Xbox and i upload some of my gameplay to youtube. i'm kinda new to uploading and editing so hopefully i will meet a few people here willing to give me a few tips but mainly i'm here to get my videos seen so i can get feedback and to view other...