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  1. TheLameProject

    Mind f*cking time!

    hah sup bros? Wanna see somethin crazy? I was actually breaking my computer xD Leave a like and maybe subscribe if you enjoyed, thank you all! :D
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    If you have enough free hard disk space i recommend to use fraps for long videos as well :)
  3. TheLameProject


    I record about 20 mins and then i cut some parts with sony vegas pro 12 :)
  4. TheLameProject

    Amnesia thread :d

    I will post all new Amnesia videos on this thread so i won't mess shit up :D This was recorded and uploaded today and i fucking hated the jumpscare @ the beginning ahah! Leave a like & subscribe if you enjoyed the video, guys! :) Thank you all!
  5. TheLameProject

    Another Mr. Felix Black Commentary

    Hello man! Enjoy your stay here! I make commentaries as well bro ahah! ;P
  6. TheLameProject

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    Fraps will record your audio too Dath~ Yes it does, but for example if you r on a call with a friend on skype while u r recording fraps while totally fuck the audio quality up *just saying* I use Fraps btw
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    I guess i read all "Dragonlance" books, they r soooooo amazing! I suggest them to u all cause characterd and story r amazing! Most of them r written by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
  8. TheLameProject

    I hate puzzles! Amnesia "a daughter's rescue" I hate when i have to solve stuff to keep on going -.- This is scary as well, don't worry ahah! Leave feedbacks if you want! Like & sub if you enjoyed, it always helps! :D
  9. TheLameProject


    Haha, doesn't sound bad, I was just confused because I wasn't sure how someone would collaborate a singleplayer game. Makes sense now, sorry! (When I do end up getting Amnesia I'd be interested in this, however) No man it's my fault cause i didnt write how it'd work sorry!:) If u r...
  10. TheLameProject


    Ye it is, but i was thinking about something like this: we both download the same mod, then we start a vocal chat with which software we both have and then start playing the mod together and keep on going together, does it sound that bad? Other youtubers already did it ;P I'm sorry if i wrote...
  11. TheLameProject

    100 Subs! + Trailer video!

    Congrats bro! Im going for 50 ahah xD
  12. TheLameProject


    Is anybody interested to make a commentary with me on Amnesia? If yes write below or pm me :) The Lame Project
  13. TheLameProject

    New youtuber

    Nice videos, i subbed you ;D Mind to sub back? ^^
  14. TheLameProject

    What commentator inspires you the most?

    I watched Pewdiepie since he had 10.000 subs, i sow him growing soooo fast! He inspired me to make commentaries, and still does
  15. TheLameProject

    Valorous here

    Hello man nice to meet u on this forum! Enjoy ur stay! See ya
  16. TheLameProject

    I'm already sick of this shit! Amnesia ;_; After 17 mins of gameplay this already scared the fuck out of me ahah I will continue this asap! Feedbacks? :D Sorry if the video is so short but i couldnt handle it anymore xD Thank you! Leave a like & a sub if you enjoyed;P Byeeee
  17. TheLameProject

    Stupid mode: On! Let the amnesia journey begin!

    Hello hello hello! It's The Lame Project here! Today i've uploaded the first episode of my new Amnesia series while i'm waiting for A Machine For Pigs to come out! I've chosen to immediately start with a mod that has been played very little and that has been released just a month ago ;P So yeah...
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    Hello, Youtube Gaming Network

    Hello man, enjoy your stay!
  19. TheLameProject

    Commentary of The Week

    Sounds very nice! But i'd set the min video lenght to 10 mins and the max video lenght to 15 so you wont have videos with a big gap between them, if you know what i mean ;)
  20. TheLameProject

    Youtube Ads

    Never had this problem, honestly. I agree with Viper, you should try to update Adobe or maybe trying to change your browser can solve everything ;)