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  1. ExponentialAwesome

    400 Microsoft Point Giveaway!

    Yeah they do. Not all of them watch the videos, but I understand. There are some people I'm subbed to that I never watch. But I feel they have potential so I wait until something interesting pops up in my subscription updates. That is what you do, gain subs and find out how to make them...
  2. ExponentialAwesome

    400 Microsoft Point Giveaway!

    Why have I not thought of this before??? Dath~ How do you think I gained over 400 subscribers in a week? My friend and I have been doing it to promote our channels. $5 for real subs, not a bad deal. Anyway these subs obviously aren't for me.
  3. ExponentialAwesome

    400 Microsoft Point Giveaway!

    You sir, are a networking genius Dath~ Thank you?
  4. ExponentialAwesome

    400 Microsoft Point Giveaway!

    Giving 400 MSP to one of you that subscribes to and comments on their latest video saying: "ExponentialAwesome Sent Me" I will pick a random person soon and contact them on YouTube.
  5. ExponentialAwesome

    Youtube Partner Perks

    Poo :/ I'm really good at thumbnails too
  6. ExponentialAwesome

    Youtube Partner Perks

    This thread is to discuss the perks of being a partner, such as monetization, thumbnails, and extended video length. Now I'll start. With all of my subscribers, why do I STILL not have thumbnails D:< this account has been active for a year too.
  7. ExponentialAwesome

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    I use Fraps to record gameplay. It severely lowers FPS but it is the only one that captures high quality gameplay and exports it in real time. I tried camtasia which was cool but I had to export it which took hours sometimes then edit and render it which again took hours. I use debut capture...
  8. ExponentialAwesome

    What commentator inspires you the most?

    TobyGames inspires me because he made YouTube his life. And that is awesome. But pewdiepie inspires me because he enjoys making videos so much and would do anything for his fans
  9. ExponentialAwesome

    Need Graphics Please Read?

    There is a place where people like me are offering their services. Here Is my thread:
  10. ExponentialAwesome

    Slender: The Arrival Playthrough

    Not much more to say. Here is a link to the playlist:
  11. ExponentialAwesome

    I am good at making Thumbnails, Channel Art, Twitter headers, and avatars

    Hey everyone :) When I was starting my youtube channel (see my signature) a lot of people on twitter really liked my art and continuously asked me to make things for them. I have made dozens of youtube related art for people on twitter and I figured I could help you all out too. But it is a bit...
  12. ExponentialAwesome

    List of YouTube Gaming Networks

    Quick question. Do networks like Machinima and IGN, which specifically deal in video games, also allow non gaming videos on your partnered channel? Or do you need to have a separate gaming channel for them
  13. ExponentialAwesome

    Partner with RPM

    I haven't read the contract yet so I'm not exactly sure (pre-law student here) but those partner contracts are usually 2 years with an anti-competition clause usually banning you from partnering with a different network for at least a year. Like I said, haven't seen the contract yet.if anyone...
  14. ExponentialAwesome

    Exponentially Awesome channel

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm just waiting until I branch out a bit more so that all the clips aren't just gameplay montages
  15. ExponentialAwesome

    Hello Awesome People! I'm ExponentialAwesome!

    Welcome! thats some good advice about growing your channel, i'm thinking i might do a give away contest as well in the near future.... I know a lot of people give away MS points. You could do any digital currency though, even let them pick The key though is to announce "At this many _______...
  16. ExponentialAwesome

    Hello Awesome People! I'm ExponentialAwesome!

    Thank you. There should be another BioShock tomorrow and more next Week. (Currently working on finals)
  17. ExponentialAwesome

    Exponentially Awesome channel

    Hey Awesome people! Recently started my YouTube and it is doing well so far. I already introduced myself in the introduction thread. If someone could check out my channel and some of my videos I would appreciate it. It is using the new channel layout and as my videos have progressed I have...
  18. ExponentialAwesome

    Hello Awesome People! I'm ExponentialAwesome!

    Just interact with people. I had 100 followers when I uploaded the first video because I was interacting with other content creators and helping them out on twitter. The more active you are, the more likely people will follow. I also don't whine about real life things or argue with people on...
  19. ExponentialAwesome

    Hello Awesome People! I'm ExponentialAwesome!

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, obviously. And I just started making YouTube videos 3 weeks ago so I'm still growing, but I currently have 200+ subscribers and 9 videos. I plan on making more than just gameplay videos but right now The majority of my videos are Slender and BioShock game plays. I...