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  1. TheGrimPhreaker

    The Grim Phreaker

    Thanks everyone for watching! Just a little about me, I'm a gamer from New York City and I love to play Role Playing Games, Action/Adventure, Simulators and Buffer Games-- meaning games that are time wasters when you need to take a break from your main games. I've had my channel for a little...
  2. TheGrimPhreaker

    PLEASE, Don't Touch Anything | WTF is going on here???

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! My Christmas gift to you is the gift of WTF. The game, "Please, Don't Touch Anything" is about as WTF as you get. A big red button that I'm not supposed to touch? YES, PLEASE!
  3. TheGrimPhreaker

    Exported to Youtube: 10 Hour Stream of Until Dawn

    This game.... this game was AMAZING. I am so glad that I was able to play this game and have the audience vote what moves to make in game. It made for a very exciting, Adrenaline rushed and hilarious stream! Side note: you can hear me talking to chat, but the chat wasn't updating on the...
  4. TheGrimPhreaker

    Twitch 24 HOUR Live Stream: Until Dawn

    Thanks for clicking on my thread! Today I will be doing a 24 Hour Live Stream in which the audience helps pick what I do next in the Playstation 4's newest horror game Until Dawn! Http://
  5. TheGrimPhreaker

    What makes you subscribe?

    I tend to like quirky personalities and great voices. I actually really like Let's Plays but like you said in the video, the person has to be entertaining. I'm not a really big fan of channels that have constant 10 minute montages of random clips from several video games. That actually bores me...
  6. TheGrimPhreaker

    Hey everyone ! Great to meet you all!

    Hello, my name is Makeda but my gamer tag is The Grim Phreaker. I've been gaming since I was a kid and my favorite game is Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES). I've been on youtube for about a year now, but I just started taking it seriously a few months ago. I play almost anything on my channel but...