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  1. Ryatta

    Who's Going to EGX 2016?

    I know a few of you were talking about it in chat, I've got myself a trade ass so I'm going so who else plays to go and when?
  2. Ryatta

    Devil May Cry Retrospective (Complete)

    Hey, Some of you know I've been working on a DMC retrospective this past 3 months Anyway I'm now finished and the full series retrospective is here: They get progressively longer as they go and everyone who helped me...
  3. Ryatta

    Long Form Reviews - Your Thoughts?

    I've recently converted to doing very long review videos on my channel, I know its more a niche area but I like going into detail.. however I'm wondering what annoys people about them and what I should try to avoid. i've had a few people moan that its just basically a long vlog.. though I do...
  4. Ryatta

    Finally a Unique Intro.. what do you think?

    So after years of using clips of shows and games to make a montage I thought about just doing a quick little opening that's all unique to start every video. What do you think? I don't have it in a video on its own, but you can just watch the first 6 seconds of this.. though I also have a...
  5. Ryatta

    Devil May Cry Retrospective

    I've been away for a long while, but I wanted to share my current project.. but beware my videos are now a fair bit longer then they used to be and this series so far is almost 2 hours long.. but I hope you enjoy them and anticipate part 5 on DmC Devil May Cry afterwards :)...
  6. Ryatta

    Anyone want to be a part of a game project?

    Hey all! I've been talking about making my own game for a while and I'm putting the foundation in place to start pre production early next year and I'm on the lookout for people who might want to try their hands at making a game. Right now I'm looking for some experienced programmers...
  7. Ryatta

    Xenoblade Chronicles X Reviews and Criticism

    So I had a lot of negative feedback from my original review of Xenoblade Chronicles X, After doing a follow up as to why I ad issues with the game the hate kept coming. as fan boys love to do so I did one more piece on the game.. I'd love to know what you think especially if you enjoy the game...
  8. Ryatta

    Lewd Dating Sim and other Japanese Girl Game Review Month

    The month is finally over, I'm back and getting back into more regular hyper violent and RPG style games again.. but here's the 4 videos that made up this themed month.. each one pretty much catering to a specific kink of gamer.. much to be see in weirdness from these games... Why I did this...
  9. Ryatta

    Jepanese Dodgey Naked Girl Dating Sex Sim Review Themed Month!

    I think the title says it all here.. also has a special announcement!
  10. Ryatta

    Sony Bravia 3D 4K LCD Gaming TV Review!

    Somthing a little different but yet fun for those of you who want your old games in 60fps or your TV in 48 :D
  11. Ryatta

    Xenoblade Chronicles Review+

    I'm thinking I may have just invented the Review+, a review where I review all the crap I got on a review and elaborate on why the fanboys are wrong and ignorant. WARNING: Video may contain Hamster!
  12. Ryatta

    Rare Creative Game Jam 2015

    Finally I got permission to release it.. so you get to see a little of my game studio and my project I made in 4 days on my own!
  13. Ryatta

    Samus IS a Girl.. Debunking the Transsexual argument

    So I'm trying something a little more intellegent and would love to know what you think of this, hopefully it can do some good in the fight against click baited and badly research arguments that sour the internet and games journalism
  14. Ryatta

    Do You consider my 1001Games videos 'Filler'?

    So my 1001GamesYouMustPlayBeforeYouDie series is nearly 30 episodes now but I had a comment from someone saying how long I'd keep up the 'Filler' "You gonna make real videos or keep this filler up?" Do you all think this is the same.. worth noting that so far these videos have actually e in...
  15. Ryatta

    Samus is Trans Angry Reaction Joke video

    I imagine everyone has seen the news... its pissed everyone off, and probably rightly so so I'm getting a group of people to scream their reaction for use in the intro of a video I'm doing analyzing and discussing.. and mostly...
  16. Ryatta

    Final Fantasy XIII - A Case Study

    I'm away on holiday right now but I wanted to stop by to share and get feedback on this, its finally been released for you all to take a look at.. well 1/3 of it anyway.. I can re tool the other parts based on feedback!
  17. Ryatta

    Persona 4 Dancing All Night Review

    Just worked out... persona 4 DAN is a sequel/spinoff to a sequel/spinoff to a sequel of spin off of a franchise :P
  18. Ryatta

    Beginners Guide to Importing (How and Why to Import)

    I'm starting a new show where I answer questions people have asked me.. this is the first one I have tackled as I review many imported games and get lots of questions about how I get the and where from
  19. Ryatta

    Tembo The Badass Elephant Review

  20. Ryatta

    Today I'm free of Maker.. where to go next?

    I today am released from my contract with Maker Studios. So I wanted to know if anyone can suggest a no long in partnership that's able to help with copy right claiming or that actually does help with promotion. I'm not planning to run adverts so I'm not bothered with the money percentage, but...