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  1. Ryatta

    Who's Going to EGX 2016?

    if you want to do something just go for it.. take some time and play around.. I didn't know any code and when i tried to write in Unity it didn't go so well, I advertised for help but my job at the time used Unreal so I just decided to scrap it and start over in my own time. I suck as an artist...
  2. Ryatta

    Who's Going to EGX 2016?

    That's cool! I hope your having fun, I've never tried any of their games so I can't say I've herd your work. I'm looking forward to developing my own things now I'm finally allowed to... it seems to be the way to go now a days in the industry
  3. Ryatta

    Who's Going to EGX 2016?

    It usually falls under Rigging and Animation.. most of the games I've worked on its usually a case of if it moved I've had a hand in its development in some form, usually the Rig/Skinning and sometimes animation. (For example the fist game i worked on was Kinect Disneyland Adventures.. literally...
  4. Ryatta

    Long Form Reviews - Your Thoughts?

    Thanks! I just feel like with some games there's more to say about them, then what can be said in 10 minutes, especially when everyone has so many different opinions. I first tried the format with RE6 then did a series on FF13 so now after trying one more singular on with Kingdom Hearts 2 I feel...
  5. Ryatta

    Who's Going to EGX 2016?

    I've worked at some of the bigger UK games companies; Frontier, RARE etc and at the moment I'm a TD at one of Europe's biggest game tech companies
  6. Ryatta

    Who's Going to EGX 2016?

    I'm heading to Rezzed to next time round I can get a industry pass into any event so I'm trying to go to more.. had a great idea from another youtube I saw there to get my logo on a shirt or something so people can find me in the crowds
  7. Ryatta

    Long Form Reviews - Your Thoughts?

    well thanks for the feedback and subscribing. I think given the time it takes to make them I'm going to have to still do smaller videos in between.. also i'm not sure every game needs to be covered in such depth. I'm currently unsure about what series to try next as it can be a long term...
  8. Ryatta

    Who's Going to EGX 2016?

    I know a few of you were talking about it in chat, I've got myself a trade ass so I'm going so who else plays to go and when?
  9. Ryatta

    Devil May Cry Retrospective (Complete)

    Hey, Some of you know I've been working on a DMC retrospective this past 3 months Anyway I'm now finished and the full series retrospective is here: They get progressively longer as they go and everyone who helped me...
  10. Ryatta

    Long Form Reviews - Your Thoughts?

    I've recently converted to doing very long review videos on my channel, I know its more a niche area but I like going into detail.. however I'm wondering what annoys people about them and what I should try to avoid. i've had a few people moan that its just basically a long vlog.. though I do...
  11. Ryatta

    Advice Please

    I find that people tend to gravitate towards watching the same kind of things they would like to do, in my case long reviews and comic ones. I know comedy isn't my strength so I have worked towards the other.. but it took time to figure it out.. pick what you think you want to start with but...
  12. Ryatta

    Who is your Favourite Game Character??

    I not sure o could name an overall favourite, however I certainly would have to say my favorite team is the core 3 from Resonance of Fate, Vasharon, Zepher and Leyanne.
  13. Ryatta

    New channel Trailer - Yay or Nay?

    Hilarious as always!, i agree with the others its not on the professional side but as you go for comedy I don't think thats important... but perhaps mention what you do in some way is a good way to go
  14. Ryatta

    Finally a Unique Intro.. what do you think?

    So after years of using clips of shows and games to make a montage I thought about just doing a quick little opening that's all unique to start every video. What do you think? I don't have it in a video on its own, but you can just watch the first 6 seconds of this.. though I also have a...
  15. Ryatta

    Channel of the Month #25 (September 2016) - Voting/Entries

    Havn't done one of these in a while! But here goes :) My Channel: My Choices: @RustyPieLover @BigMickGaming @OverbyteGaming UK @SoJiNn @Spunkly
  16. Ryatta


    I'd had not herd of this game before now.. and it's insane.. poor man's (insert actual decent horror game here). Seems just made to generate badly coded jump scares
  17. Ryatta

    Some ways to help get your videos noticed

    so yep about 45% of my views from from youtube searches, while >10% is from other youtube channels.. I wonder if I can do something about that?
  18. Ryatta

    Helpful guide to posting in Reddit

    i've really tried to avoid spamming my stuff on reddit, I started a new account with the intention of using it sparingly over the years.. I post in relevant critique groups and specific groups relevant to the video (I probably just don't choose popular games).. however my best influxes of views...
  19. Ryatta

    How do you maintain a good schedule ?

    I used to really carer about scheduling but as I've changed how i do videos Ive started to not care as much.. i guess when you post regular content it matters more as you need to keep videos coming, but I think many people use the youtube sidebar to see when channels have new videos.. it means...
  20. Ryatta

    Some ways to help get your videos noticed

    I still think the vast majority of my views come from general searching, while I can't be sure I'm pretty positive that very few of my views have come from other content creators, do that many people really look to see if commenters have channels?