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  1. Nightfable

    Free graphics for a limited time

    Hi guys I'm willing to help with channel art since I've taken a little break from making YT videos. It's free of charge but it will be for a limited time. I do banners, avatars and thumbnail templates. Be warned that I tend to be colorful. ^^ Just give me a brief description of what you would...
  2. Nightfable

    I reached 4000 subs

    Hi guys. I started making videos last year in February since I had bought a copy of Minecraft and my kids wanted me to play it. It wasn't really my kind of game... I prefer playing old adventure games on the computer so I decided to make a Let's play series of King's Quest 6. Turns out, there...
  3. Nightfable

    Is Your Body Ready? (Fallout 4 Fanart)

    I made this today, because Courtenay Taylor does the Female Protagonist's voice in Fallout 4 and she also did Jack in Mass Effect 2/3. ^^ So excited for this coming November!!!
  4. Nightfable

    2000 Subs!

  5. Nightfable

    "Why doesn't anyone watch my videos?" A helpful guide by Northernlion

    "Why doesn't anyone watch my videos?" A helpful guide. (self.letsplay) submitted 3 years ago by The past couple of days I have seen a few people lamenting how they don't have an audience and can't seem to grow one. Unfortunately, a lot of the time...
  6. Nightfable

    The Importance of Proper, Exhaustive Tagging by Northernlion

    The Importance of Proper, Exhaustive Tagging (self.letsplay) submitted 3 years ago * by One thing I've noticed with a lot of videos posted here is that there's a huge prevalence of people tagging their videos improperly, irrelevantly, or simply...
  7. Nightfable

    Be On ηιgнтғαвℓε's Team of The Month! (June 2015)

    Ok guys! It's time to put together another list at the right side of my channel's main page! :) Here's the list so far: @SK0RRK33P3R @Sentenza Gaming @jacob daffern There's 7 spots left, so, let me know if you'd like to be on the list! :cool:
  8. Nightfable

    1500+ Subs!! :D

  9. Nightfable

    Dying Channels?

    Hi guys! While I was browsing the forums on the 'post your stats thread' something struck me. I clicked on the 1st page and found out the thread dates back to 2013 (two years ago). I scrolled down to see if I recognized any familiar faces and something dawned on me... many channels who posted...
  10. Nightfable

    Dear Zombie Husband (Minecraft Parody Song)

    Worked a long time on this but it was so much fun! :D
  11. Nightfable

    Do you want to be part of my Team of The Month?

    I'm posting a Team of The Month list for the month of May on my main YouTube. If you want to be part of it, let me know and I'll add you. There are 9 spots open! First come, first served! :cool:
  12. Nightfable

    1K SUBS!!

    I began my gaming channel 2 months ago, I had about 13 000 views from old videos. I'm super happy because today I've reached 100 000 views and I'm well on my way to 500 subs! :D Yipee! I'm so glad such a friendly and helpful community such as DamnLag. You guys are awesome! :cool:
  13. Nightfable

    Game Over, Link

  14. Nightfable

    Some of my Mass Effect fanart paintings (NSFW for partial nudity)

    I'm a huge Mass Effect fangirl and I wanted to show you guys some of my fanart. :D
  15. Nightfable

    500 subs, here I come! (Now 480)

    Hi guys! I'm so excited, my channel nearly reached 400 subs! Can you help me get there? Here's some of the things I do: Funny Original songs and montages of Youtubers. Let's Plays of old pc adventure games (currently doing King's Quest 6). Playthrough of silly Disney Online games. Minecraft 100...
  16. Nightfable

    100 Zombie Baby Challenge!

    My new series! :D
  17. Nightfable

    Motivation Thread

    :D :D :D
  18. Nightfable

    Final Fantasy VI Song

  19. Nightfable

    • ηιgнтғαвℓε •

    Nightfable Channel Name: Nightfable Channel Link: Channel Start Date: I had it since 2008 but just recently turned it into a gaming channel. Partnered with Network?: Yes. Creative Nation Amount of Videos on Channel: 27 Total...