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  1. Dathrick

    100 Subs, 11k Views

    Hey guys, so just wanted to say, holy crap, I never thought I'd see 100 subs, nor would I ever get 11k total views. According to youtube I could seat a full movie theater. Based on the fact that I work in a movie theater, I could sell out 9 of the 12 theaters, biggest theater is 251, I'm gonna...
  2. Dathrick

    I'm a partner of Maker Gen, and You should be to!

    Hey guys, dathrick here and I just want to let you know about some big changes that have happened to Maker Gen recently. First off, they are Maker Gen, they used to be know as RPM. Secondly, they allow you to get paid if paypal or direct deposit whenever you hit $25 dollars, youtube is 100, and...
  3. Dathrick

    Family Friendly Let's Play/Tutorial of Project Zomboid

    Hey guys, first off Project Zomboid is an indie sandbox zombie survival game. Players must scavenge for supplies and food while surviving the zombie apocalypse. There is some crafting and building in the game. After a random period of time both the power and water are turned off in the world...
  4. Dathrick

    Looking for a crew for a family-friendly Trouble in Terrorist Town series

    Hey guys, I'm looking for atleast 5 of us to do a family friendly series of Trouble In terrorist town. We could meet weekly, or monthly, play for a few hours. Record it all, and chop it up into a bunch of videos and release them regularly. If you're interested let me know! Dath~
  5. Dathrick

    Anyone Doing Free Intros/Backgrounds?

    Hey guys, so I wanted to have an intro for my videos, as well as a background for my channel. I'm a good enough gamer, but im awful with graphics, anyone willing to take a look at my channel and see if they get inspired?? Dath~
  6. Dathrick

    10k Views & My Idol

    So I'm pretty pumped about two huge things! The first is that a day or so ago I hit 10k total views! The second is that I got to play trove with my youtube idol PaulSoaresJr! dath~
  7. Dathrick

    Anyone Have A Trove Alpha Access Key?

    Title says it all, I would love you forever! Dath~
  8. Dathrick

    What You Are and Aren't Allowed to Change about Your Channel

    Hey guys, so recently I quit youtube and came back, and a big theme of this is that I want to change a lot of things on my channel for the better. But I have also heard in other videos that certain things about you and your channel you shouldn't change. Specifically mentioned were your gamer...
  9. Dathrick

    Minecraft Hosting Websites

    Hey guys, so my family hosts a private minecraft server for our family and close friends. We first used Avante hosting which was perfect until they discontinued minecraft servers. Now we use and honestly all they do is piss me off. I pay $8 a month for 600mb of ram and stuff...
  10. Dathrick

    Stupid Noob Question about Collaboration Videos

    Hey guys, so I have a really noobish and stupid question that I can't seem to find the answer to that easily. I want to make some multi person series. Like for example, if I'm going to record a terraria video, I don't really want to play terraria alone, i'd like to have 1-3 other people all...
  11. Dathrick Promoting Eachother

    Hey guys, So I'm new to twitch, only started a day or so ago. So obviously I have 1 follower which is my brother, and I think I had 1 viewer once. What's the best way to get myself out there into this new audience? I know sub for sub isn't helpful for youtube, but following for following...
  12. Dathrick

    Where to Start When Making an Intro

    Hey guys, so one of my goals for youtube is to created animated Intro's for the different series that I run, but the biggest issue I'm finding is I just don't know how to start. I'm looking for feedback such as how to set it up. Should you have an image for .5seconds then the animation for...
  13. Dathrick

    My Goals Since My Hiatus

    Hey guys, so I mentioned in my welcome back post that I had some goals, so I was thinking that if I post them here, maybe it'll make me more accountable to follow through with them. If any of you have any advice or resources to help me achieve these goals, I'd love the feedback/help! Dath~...
  14. Dathrick

    Know Any Cool Signature Widgets?

    Hey guys, so I have the youtube subscriber widget since the beginning, but I've always wanted to like add a gamercard one in that shows my gamerscore for xbox and stuff like that. I tried xfire but it would never work for me, does anyone have any sites for creating gamercards or are there any...
  15. Dathrick

    How to Setup the Hauppauge HD Pvr2 Gaming Edition with Retro Games

    Hey guys, so this is a bit dated but a while back I purchased a Hauppauge HD Pvr2 Gaming Edition in order to record consoles. It's very simple plug and play for the most part for the newer consoles (360 and ps4 at the time) but I wanted to do retro gaming. But I couldn't figure out how the...
  16. Dathrick

    My Revival

    Hey guys, First off, I doubt any of you know or remember me haha. I was a very new youtuber who started his channel christmas 2012 and was very active both on youtube and as a moderator at the old site for 6 months before basically my life went to hell. I had a bad relationship end and I had...
  17. Dathrick

    100 apologies!

    Hey guys so I just want to first off apologize for my lack of participation on these forums of late, I would like to explain why. 1 week before my college finals my serious now ex girlfriend broke up with me, it was not a good breakup and we are still not on good terms and my life hit a low...
  18. Dathrick

    Im back!

    HEY GUYS! I just want to say that I am back from my trip to Cuba, it was truly amazing and it put all of my earlier relationship issues into perspective for me. So I am back to the old me, I recorded a video again tonight, and expect me to have a bigger presence again on these forums! Thank...
  19. Dathrick

    Private Minecraft Server Google Hangouts

    Doing a livestream, check it out, LIVE! Google Hangout!
  20. Dathrick

    Some Good Browser Games

    Hey guys, so everyonce and a while I get addicted to a browser game. StargateWars (which after legal issues was turned to GateWars) Runescape (yes, I was one of those kids) Various Facebook games (not my proudest moments) and recently I've been considering trying out Grepolis. So my question is...