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  1. MiliMate

    Make Great Videos & Get Featured

    Hello all, As some of you might know, I have monthly Top 10 Best Videos playlist on my channel, and each month, I make a video to showcase the top 10 of last month. I have a feeling there are many great content creators out there, but because of my limited time, I cannot roam YouTube the whole...
  2. MiliMate

    Halo 5 Funny Moments with AJPatz

    My first Halo 5 Funny Moments video! Always difficult to turn these into a funny video, but I do think we did alright by ourselves! Let us know what you thought about it! :)
  3. MiliMate

    GTA 5 Online Heists [Collaboration] ✦ Video Thread

    Hi everyone, This is a video thread created for a special collaboration-project between myself, AJPatz, CKtv and Vidiebox. We take on the different GTA 5 Online Heists in order, and this thread will start from the first episode of the second Heist, the Prison Break job. This episode is the...
  4. MiliMate

    A Garden of YouTubers ✦ Rare Replay's Viva Pinata ✧ Video Thread

    Hi everyone, This is the video thread for my series on Viva Pinata for the Xbox One, building and maintaining a Garden full of my favorite small YouTubers. Episode 1: We start off a brand new series on the channel Milimate. As part of the Rare Replay collection, a collection of over 30...
  5. MiliMate

    The Crazy Golf Special! ✦ GTA Online Funny Moments ✦ Video Thread

    Hi everyone, Another video thread has been opened on Damnlag to accompany the videos in the small series "Crazy Golf Special", with the first episode being launched today.
  6. MiliMate

    Gears of War Ultimate Edition ✦ Montages

    Hi everyone, This will be the video thread for all upcoming videos in the Gears of War UE Montage series on my second channel, MiliMulti. Starting off with episode 1, this episode is dedicated to the sniper of Gears, called the Longshot. ENJOY! Check for a bigger description underneath the...
  7. MiliMate

    Bloodborne ✦ Video Thread

    This is the video thread for Bloodborne, which will contain all of the upcoming videos in this series. As always, we start of with episode 1. For a larger description, check beneath the video. ✦ Episode Transcript Part 1 of the Let's Play Bloodborne Playthrough series, on PS4. Recorded and...
  8. MiliMate

    Channel Keywords, uhm, What?

    Hi everyone, As most newly posted threads are primarily happening around the Video-section, why not burst into spontaneous discussion? Tell me how you choose your channel keywords, for me personally, the biggest mystery on YouTube. On what merits do you choose them, do you go broad, put games...
  9. MiliMate

    Viva Pinata [Rare Replay] - Video Thread

    Hi everyone, This is going to be the video thread for all of the new videos coming out in the Viva Pinata series on my channel. This is the first episode: [Transcript] We start off a brand new series on the channel Milimate. As part of the Rare Replay collection, a collection of over 30 games...
  10. MiliMate

    GTA 5 Online Funny Moments [Video Thread]

    Hi all, This will be my video thread for the GTA 5 Online Funny Moments videos. I will update this thread via commenting any new videos that will be coming out. This is a fairly more organized way for me than creating a new thread each time, for all of the videos separately. Hope you'll enjoy.
  11. MiliMate

    PC Looking for Collaborations on Dead Realm

    Game: Dead Realm Platform: PC Number of People: N/A Timezone: N/A Age: 18-28 Mission: Funny Moments Subscribers: N/A Link to Channel: Looking for collaborations for Dead Realm, a newly released game for the PC, available on Steam. I'm...
  12. MiliMate

    Video Thread - Stefan Shouts!

    Hi lads and ladies! This is now the thread where all of my videos in the Stefan Shouts! series will be posted. I would urge you to do the same, to keep everything in the Video Forums less cluttered. Updating the post with another video in the series will make sure that the post gets bumped.
  13. MiliMate

    Our Search for Ciri Starts in Velen [The Witcher 3 - Story Gameplay]

    Hi damned Laggers, After meeting up with the King in episode 4, we are sent on an important mission to find Ciri. She has been spotted in Velen, where we need to track down a man called Hendrik. As with everything else in this game, we weren't the only one looking for Hendrik.
  14. MiliMate

    Can we go back inside? | Outlast Walkthrough #9

    Hi lads, Let's Play Episode 9 of the Walkthrough series of Outlast on Xbox One. As we are instructed by Father Martin, we need to head outside and meet him there. We start off the episode by finding our pathway to the gardens. We were looking forward to being outside, but for some reason, we're...
  15. MiliMate

    Insane Adv. Supply Drop Opening | Legendary Gear + 4 Royalties!

    Hi people, All I'm going to say: this is a sick Supply Drop opening.
  16. MiliMate

    Brand New Intro and Channel Art!

    Hi lads and ladies, Behold, my all new intro is premiering in this quick Channel Update video! Tell me what you think!
  17. MiliMate

    LOOP DA LOOP! | GTA 5 Funny Moments #11

    Hi Laggers, We have another new guest in this gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto V. Having a quick first race that I ace with a tad bit of luck, we continue on to the horse's race tracks, where we jump, jump and jump some more. Chaos ensues in out third and last race, where we have to make an...
  18. MiliMate

    Need Help with Reddit

    Hi all, I have just created an account for Reddit, but I can't seem to find out where to start. I want to just start communicating with people, but the amount of information on there is dazzling. So, this quick question needs an answer: Where do I start on Reddit? Does anybody know any good...
  19. MiliMate

    Stefan Shouts #2! | Hazardous Patz on This Mike's Back

    Hi Laggers, This week's shoutout video features a Troll, a man with an epic voice, and a long-time and early supporter of my channel! That's right, it's @AJPatz and @MiketheDbacker26 and someone not active on DamnLag. Hope you'll enjoy!
  20. MiliMate

    Mile High Club?! | GTA 5 Funny Moments #10

    Hi people, We go sky-high in episode 10 of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Funny Moments series, only to fall down just as quick! Consisting of two epic jobs, we then continue this episode cycling our way across a tricky course, where every mistake will be fatal.