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  1. LadyMcCracken

    Can You Feel The Snow?

    We're back with some more Feel The Snow, and this time we're restarting with new characters!
  2. LadyMcCracken

    Neutrogena SPONSORED ME with #AcneProofing

    I took a seven day challenge using Neutrogena Acne Proofing Daily Scrub and Gel Cleanser twice daily and now my skin feels great!
  3. LadyMcCracken

    Would you send $75 to $150 on a Plushie?

    So I saw this beautiful penguin plush and just had to have it! A big thanks to Blondie (Rex) for making my dreams come true!
  4. LadyMcCracken

    Any tips on getting better at Rocket League?

    Today I prove that yes, someone CAN be this bad at a game. But hey, as long as I keep pushing the super go I should be just fine.
  5. LadyMcCracken

    Can You "Feel The Snow?" Doing all the basics!

    Blondie and I are setting out to do the basics! Home building, Fishing, Fire starting, you know, the usual.
  6. LadyMcCracken

    Can You "Feel The Snow?" Definitely NOT Going To Be A Trap!

    Blondie and I are on the search for a mysterious scroll hidden near a Black Obelisk. Definitely NOT a trap.
  7. LadyMcCracken

    Can You "Feel The Snow?" Any know if we can keep the cat?

    Look’s like Halloween is coming a little early this year! Blondie and I are going to meet a Witch! Anyone know if we can take that cat with us? It’s too cute!
  8. LadyMcCracken

    Can you "Feel The Snow?" Anyone else see the similarities to "Don't Starve?"

    Honesty, it feels just like Don't Starve, but more casual and less panic.
  9. LadyMcCracken

    Can you Feel the Snow? Has anyone else played it?

    So my Boyfriend Blondie gifted me this game out of the blue and I think it's absolutely adorable! What do you think? Has any one here played it too? Any advice on surviving the night a little better? Cause we can't stop dying!!!
  10. LadyMcCracken

    LOOTCRATE September 2017 ROBOTIC Unboxing!

    Hello Everyone and Welcome! I'm Lady McCracken, and thanks to Blondie once again, here's my September 2017 LootCrate Unboxing video! Side note, I would love some input on what some of the items in this month's box actually are... Thanks! :rofl:
  11. LadyMcCracken

    Life Is Strange: Before the Storm (Full episode) - Anyone else super excited?!?

    Look what's finally here! The First Episode of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm! Anyone else super excited for this?!?!
  12. LadyMcCracken

    LOOTCRATE August 2017 Kingdoms Unboxing

    Thanks to my boyfriend Blondie, here's my August 2017 LOOTCRATE Unboxing video! Got some really great stuff this time! I would love to know what you think!
  13. LadyMcCracken

    League of Legends - Get Jinxed!

    So my boyfriend just got me addicted to League of Legends and I honestly believe I love it more than he does. Short story short, Jinx was on Champion Rotation the first time I played and I instantly fell in love with her so I then preceded to fork over $10 so I could make her my Main. So...
  14. LadyMcCracken

    My wallet is crying because I bought The SIms 4.

    I told myself I wasn't going to do it, but turns out I didn't have enough self control. My wallet is crying, and with all the packs I've yet to buy and new ones still coming out, the pain is far from over. So without further ado, #MyFirstSim
  15. LadyMcCracken

    Falling into Alice Madness Returns! Has anyone here played it???

    I played a bit of this game back when I had a PS3, but now since I'm out of college for the summer I finally have the time to finish it on PC! Has anyone here played it before? Did you enjoy it? I'm really loving the art style and the idea of a really "twisted" wonderland<3
  16. LadyMcCracken

    RimWorld - You've never seen clueless like this..

    My wonderful boyfriend gifted me this game, and I swear he did it just to laugh at me later when he finally saw how clueless I would be playing it- thanks honey >_<
  17. LadyMcCracken

    I Got Sponsored By PlantFusion! (A plant-based protein brand)

    So last December I received an email from PlantFusion asking if I would be interested in applying for a "New Year's Challenge" Sponsorship and I got accepted!!! They're giving me their "PlantFusion LEAN" protein mix to try out and it's absolutely DELICIOUS :inlove: The challenge also involves...
  18. LadyMcCracken

    Stardew Valley- There are MONSTERS in this game!

    I was okay with slimes and stuff- but now there's something in the sewer as well?
  19. LadyMcCracken

    Stardew Valley - How to find berries?

    Hmm.... I know this video was posted later then normal- but I was soooooo busy trying to find berries I lost track of time :rofl::giggle::rolleyes:
  20. LadyMcCracken

    Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation From "Influenster" Reveiw

    I am SO super thrilled to have been sent my first ever makeup product to review!