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    Post E3 Hype?

    What Games are you guys hyped about (fallout 4 aside) now that E3 has come to a close and the after math seems to calm down. For me: Fallout 4 ( got my Pip-Boy edition) Indie- Cup Head Suprise- For Honor
  2. Game Bubbies

    Fighting and talkng about music (Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Me and My brother discuss music and play Injustice: Gods Among Us. Tell us what you think of the idea of a semi podcast with gameplay in the background.
  3. Game Bubbies

    New to everything, just me and my brother

    Hey everybody! We're The Game Bubbies and we're just getting into the community. We're still trying to figure out what we wanna do, but we know we are and want to continue to have fun doing it. Right now we're just being goofs trying to put some diversity in our library. Check us out if you...