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  1. Smilar

    Just hit 20 subs!

    Congratulations, keep up the good work! :D
  2. Smilar

    joining a YT gaming network. how?

    I think some people join youtube networks in an attempt to gain more likes, views, subs etc. While you might gain this you also tend to have to give access to your Google Account and the network will typically take a percentage of any ad revenue that you make. We try to avoid networks as we dont...
  3. Smilar

    Hello! Just joined DamnLag!

    Welcome to the forrum Jascos! Hope you enjoy your stay, I shall make sure to check out your channel as well! :D
  4. Smilar

    Hi! Triple Res here.

    Welcome to the forums! Our day job is also computer techs haha, and doing a channel with friends/family definitely makes it more enjoyable! :D
  5. Smilar


    Hi Velocity! Welcome to the forums :D Make sure you stay active and interact with the community! Once you have several posts you will be able to share your channel as well, look forward to seeing it :D
  6. Smilar

    What's your favourite part about being a youtuber?

    The community I would say, especially the guys that we have met on here and on twitter! :D
  7. Smilar

    I made my intro!!!!

    thats so cool man!! reminds me of like an old school cartoon intro lol, very well made! ahhh shit! xD
  8. Smilar

    What inspired you to start YouTube?

    myself and Ash just enjoy playing games, its great fun! My favourite series we do is Smilar Against Humanity, collabing with lots of people and a game like that is just such fun to play and record xD
  9. Smilar

    new to youtube

    Partner sites are always a bit iffy. I never feel confident essentially handing my Google Account over to someone else, and although they may help get views and stuff I would say dont partner unless you feel that you have to. Just my advice anyway, welcome by the way! :D
  10. Smilar

    hi im new here

    Welcome to the forum! As DJStitch said, you need to be a bit more active on the forum and not just outright ask people to sub like that, its a community and we should support each other! :D
  11. Smilar

    Schmucks, puns, and gaming lolz

    Hey guys! Welcome to damn lag! Make sure youre active on the forums and I think after 5 or so posts you can start sharing links, so look forward to seeing your work! :D
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    ooh very excited for Modern Warfare remastered, the game looks amazingly well remade!! Welcome to the forum sir :D
  13. Smilar

    newbie youtuber

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your channel, look forward to seeing it :D
  14. Smilar

    New to YouTube

    Welcome to Damn Lag MusicsAnts! Enjoy your stay :D
  15. Smilar

    Gears Of War 4 Coop Part 2 (Guess His Name) - Smilar Coop

    Myself and Ash are continuing are coop campaign on the new Gears of War 4! In this episode we discover the weird horse freak creature and get hit by pipes!! xD
  16. Smilar

    Lost all my files !

    we make backups of the backups to be extra safe ;)
  17. Smilar

    Last Pixel Standing

    2 videos daily is an awesome effort man! wish we could churn out that much content :P
  18. Smilar


    Welcome to the community sir! :D
  19. Smilar

    New Youtuber With Here! Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your channel :D on the theme of EA Sports games do you plan on doing any FIFA? :P
  20. Smilar


    Welcome back to the forum Jeremy! :D