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  1. Smilar

    Gears Of War 4 Coop Part 2 (Guess His Name) - Smilar Coop

    Myself and Ash are continuing are coop campaign on the new Gears of War 4! In this episode we discover the weird horse freak creature and get hit by pipes!! xD
  2. Smilar

    100 Subscriber Special! Question Time!

    Cant believe we've made it this far already! So we set out properly working on this channel around 6 months ago, and have just recently hit 100 subscribers! Thank you to everyone that have ever watched our videos, liked, commented, subscribed or tweeted us! Love you all! We put out a tweet...
  3. Smilar

    Smilar FM #1

    We talk about our channel, and the goings on on youtube!!
  4. Smilar

    Fable Fortune Alpha #6 (Good To Be Evil!) - Smilar Local

    We find out its good to be evil !!
  5. Smilar

    World of Warcraft #2 (Mount Hunting) - SmilarMMO

    We adventure back into wow to ry and get Sam a new mount!!! Check it out
  6. Smilar

    Hearthstone #2 (Summon Card) - Smilar VS

    We venture back into Hearthstone, This time Sam uses a summon card!!! #GamingGoodness
  7. Smilar

    Smilar Against Humanity #3 - Ono Donut and Friends

    We are back for more cards against humanity !!
  8. Smilar

    Guess A Sketch #2 (Baby Setting) - Browsar Games

    People asked for more and we delivered!! Guess A Sketch 2
  9. Smilar

    Smilar Against Humanity #2 - Ono Donut and Friends

    Our second episode in the new Smilar Against Humanity series! More Rudeness, More Crudeness! Make sure you check it out and let us know what you think! :D
  10. Smilar

    Smilar Against Humanity #1 - Ono Donut & Friends

    Our first episode in our new and hopefully long running series of Cards Against Humanity! Looking at doing collaborations with new people all the time so if anyone is interested just let us know! :D
  11. Smilar

    Hearthstone #1 (Cool Whisp) - Smilar VS

    Say Cool... Cool. Say Wisp... Whisp. Cool Whisp! Sam and Ash have a match on Hearthstone! Who will win? :D Dont forget to like and subscribe for more Gaming Goodness! :D
  12. Smilar

    Rocket League #4 (The Hound) - Smilar Vs the World

    Our next installment of Rocket League is here!! See if Ash can redeem himself after an incredible own goal that cost us in a previous episode, and The Hound (unfortunately not THE hound from game of thrones :P ) challenges us!
  13. Smilar

    Pokemon Showdown #1 - Browsar Games

    With all this Pokemon Go madness happening right now we thought we would check out some other Pokemon games that are out there that people may not know about, starting with Pokemon Showdown!!
  14. Smilar

    Rocket League #3 (I Gots This) - Smilar Vs the World

    We are back in Rocket league, Hope you enjoy
  15. Smilar

    Rocket League #2 - Smilar VS The World

    Myself and Ash are back again in Rocket League! Will we win the round or face humiliation? XD
  16. Smilar

    Fable Fortune

    Not sure how many of you guys have heard about this game but its basically something that the studio behind the Fable games were working on for the last 18 months before Microsoft announced that they were shutting down the company. The game is currently in alpha and moving over to closed beta in...
  17. Smilar

    Fable Fortune Closed Beta #1 (Pick a Number) - Smilar Local

    We play in the new fable card game Fable Fortune, this is in a closed beta so be sure to check it out once it is released! Enjoy
  18. Smilar

    Rocket League #1 (Here In My Car) - Smilar Vs The World

    We play Rocket League Hoops! This game isn't easy...
  19. Smilar

    Star Wars Battlefront #9 (Collectible Hunters) - Smilar Coop

    We find out there are collectibles in battlefront and find them all!
  20. Smilar

    Worms Battlegrounds #4 (Wormsies) - Smilar VS

    We delve back into worms!! Hope you enjoy !!!