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  1. ValiantGaming

    Pencil Drawing Effect in Photoshop [EASY]

    Hey guys, it's Valiant here and welcome to another Photoshop tutorial in which I will be teaching you how to simply create a pencil drawing effect. A lot of people over-complicate this effect so I will show you how to do it in under 2 minutes! Be sure to subscribe for more content, like the...
  2. ValiantGaming

    Trick to Text Portrait Effect [EASY]

    Hey guys, it's Valiant and this a new video which shows how to do the text portrait effect with a trick! It's really just so simple and there are so many videos on this effect that are around 10 minutes long while this takes 3 minutes! I hope you enjoy the video and learn something from it so...
  3. ValiantGaming

    Watercolor effect!

    Hey guys, it's Valiant and this video will show you how to do the watercolor effect in the most simple and quick way possible. I hope you learn something and thanks for your time, Valiant.
  4. ValiantGaming

    Trying to hit 2000 Subs!

    Hey guys, if you could check my channel out and subscribe if you like tutorials or video on how to grow your Youtube channel that would be great!
  5. ValiantGaming

    What do Networks do for you?

    Hey guys, my name is Valiant and I would just like to know what exactly do networks do for you? Eg. Do they post your videos somewhere? etc.
  6. ValiantGaming

    Tricks to Attracting More Views & Subscribers

    Hey guys, I would like to let you guys know how to gain more views and subscribers on your Youtube channel as quickly as possible. I recently found this video on Youtube and it clearly explains how to use tags in the most efficient way; by using a word with a HIGH SEARCH VOLUME and a LOW...
  7. ValiantGaming

    I'm back!

    Hey guys, I am now back on Youtube and I am making Photoshop tutorials, videos on how to grow your Youtube channel and more! If you could check me out that would be much appreciated. Also if you want to request some videos, please do so because my channel is all about helping people advance in...