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  1. AliKat

    Bloodborne!! [Girl Gamer]

    Hey guys! It'd really mean a lot if you were to check out my newest video, which is the beginning of my play through of Bloodborne :D hope you guys enjoy, and please let me know what you think!!
  2. AliKat

    PREMATURE COLONOSCOPY - Guts and Glory Episode 2

    Hey everyone! Just uploaded episode 2 of Guts and Glory, if you liked, it'd mean a lot if you'd leave a like and a comment, and if you want to see more and keep up to date with my content, please give the subscribe button a big slappy-doo for me :) x
  3. AliKat

    3D Happy Wheels | Guts and Glory!

    Hey everyone! This is my second video up on my channel! I'm still a bit camera shy, but getting better from my last video hahaha hope you all enjoy, and please hit subscribe and like if you like what you see, and let me know what you guys think!
  4. AliKat

    First Video: Outlast Let's Play #1

    Just posted up my first video :) I'm a bit camera shy, but this going to be the beginning of my let's play of outlast! If you'd like to see more, please comment, like and subscribe! x
  5. AliKat

    New Gaming Channel!

    Hey guys, My name is Ali and I just started up my new gaming channel and recently uploaded my first vid :) I'm a bit camera shy and anxious in my first video but I'll definitely open up in the next couple of videos as I get practice. It'd really mean a lot if you guys could please take a look...